Kata Beach

Kata Beach popular Phuket West Coast Beach

Kata Beach is without a doubt one of the most popular beaches on the West Coast of Phuket. After Patong beach and a few others, it is a beautiful destination for family vacations.

Located in between two beach communities, Kata Noi Beach and Kata Beach are about 17 kilometers from Phuket Town and 47 kilometers from Phuket International Airport.

As we write June 2021 and after the tough 2020 we are hopeful of a return to normal later this year and through 2021.

What makes Kata Beach so special?

The water and soft sand are amazing for swimming, there are many reasonable price restaurants on the shoreline and in Kata centre to choose from, you will be able to relax in one of the most scenic areas of Phuket.

Kata Beach is safe because it has lifeguards who watch over the water all day long. It’s also not very crowded with tourists which means that you’ll have plenty of space for yourself! Best time to visit: anytime!

Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Kata Beach has a lovely island (Rachinang Island) standing in the middle of the bay

Known for its High Season calm waters and incredible blue sea, Kata Beach has a lovely island (Rachinang Island) standing in the middle of the bay that makes an excellent location for pictures at sunset. Kata Beach has become a growing choice for nightlife, hotels, restaurants, Thai food, shopping, spas and fitness centres and is home to the annual Kings Cup sailing regatta.

Kata Beach is one of the few beaches in Phuket that never gets too crowded with tourists so you can visit at any time of year and still be able to enjoy it.

Kata Beach

1. Kata Beach is a long, wide stretch of sand, one of the most popular and well-known beaches on Phuket Island, also one of the world’s top ten beaches according to TripAdvisor. Kata Beach offers pristine white sand and a warm tropical climate year-round with average temperatures hovering around 28 – 32 degrees C.

The beach at Kata has shaded areas, Kata itself is full of beach masseurs and street vendors who sell a great variety of snacks and drinks such as ice-creams, fresh fruits, sarongs, sunglasses, and beachwear.

2. It’s perfect for sunbathing and swimming

Swimming at Kata Beach is normally safe for children and first-time swimmers. However, there are days when the Lifeguard red flag fly with warning signs on. You shouldn’t enter the water due to dangerous rip tides.

3. There are many hotels nearby that offer affordable rooms with great amenities.

There are all sorts of accommodation available from the simple to the more luxurious.

Is it safe to visit Kata Beach?

Most of the beaches in Phuket are safe, if you are asking ‘safe for swimming’, then yes, Kata Beach is safe with Lifeguards on patrol. If your question is about crime, again in Phuket there is little crime and your property will be safe, unless you are reckless and leave something valuable lying around.

Is Kata Beach Clean?

The beach has been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, with its crystal clear water, white sand beaches.

You can enjoy the shallow waters just out from shore or take in some rays on one of many relaxation chairs peppered across this lovely expanse.

Kata Beach
Kata Beach

Beach safety tips.

Do you have a fear of the ocean? Before going in the water check the Lifeguards flags, DO NOT swim if RED flags are showing. I’m sure that doesn’t come as much surprise. But if it does, then be advised to know your limits when sea swimming and always wear life jackets for water sports!

Swimming? Take note of the Lifeguards.

The best time to visit Kata Beach is between November and April because the beach is calmer and crystal clear. May to October, is a period to enjoy the waves, there is always a special price for accommodation during this period because the number of visitors is usually lower.

The best time to visit Kata Beach?

Kata Beach is open all year and the high season is the busiest time. The water is calmer and there are less waves during this season as opposed to a dry summer when you have larger swells.

Visiting Kata during low season or monsoon season (when the wind is from the West) is the best time to visit if you are looking for great deals, hotels will be cheaper but they can also get quite windy too. If surfing is your gig then this is a perfect location, you can rent surfboards right on the beach and expect some great waves.

There’s an average of 25 days per month that don’t see rain each month in Kata Beach from November to January. It is not the same in the low season so check out the monthly weather forecast.

Hotels In Kata Beach Phuket

There are many hotels in the Kata Beach area that offer affordable rooms with great amenities. There are all sorts of accommodation available from the simple to the more luxurious.

Beyond Resort Kata.

The Beyond Resort Kata is great for families. Is located in Kata Center and the base for the annual Kings Cup Sailing Regatta.

Beyond Resort hotel has a good variety of amenities that will keep kids entertained, such as fun activities and games in the Kids Club and direct access to Kata Beach and its fine sand.

Kata Beach
Beyond Resort Kata

Kata Rocks Resort.

Kata Rocks is an award-winning resort located on the South end of the beach with elegant and lavish accommodations, a 35 meter infinity pool for swimming laps or sunbathing on the edge of your private plunge pool.

Enjoy fine dining near your villa at one of their strategically placed tables overlooking the absolute beauty that can be found at the end of the beach and overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Kata Beach
Kata Rock Resort

The Boathouse Resort.

Located at the beautiful Kata Beach Phuket, The Boathouse offers a stunning view of the beach with a lovely pool right on the beach.

Along with the stunning outdoor pool the restaurant offers sensation views of the bay as well as 24-hour front desk service with free WiFi access included in your stay. Guests can enjoy beachfront Thai cooking classes or take advantage of their tour desk to explore nearby attractions such as Patong’s bustling nightlife scene or the Sunday walking street night market in Phuket Town!

Kata Beach
The Boathouse Resort

There are many hotels in Kata beach most near to restaurants so you can have an enjoyable evening out without going too far from your accommodation and the hotel will probably be running a shuttle service. There are also plenty of Taxi’s and Tuk Tuks! What is a Tuk Tuk I hear you asking?

This means there are reasonable prices, you can book direct or visit Kata Centre and see what is within walking distance. Helpful service, good value and good deals even during high season and accommodation in the best hotels for every visitor and budget, so everyone can enjoy this great location, soft sand and plenty of sun at Kata Beach Phuket! 

What are the different things to do Kata Beach?

Surf House Phuket

The Surf House is an artificial wave sport in Phuket.

Every surfer dreams to visit the surf house because it is a place where you can ride the waves daily not minding the weather conditions. The surf house Phuket is also a place where you could learn the basics of surfing and wakeboarding without the usual stress associated with it.

The Surf House has two parallel high pressed water streams that flowing at a very high speed that could create a sufficient lift for a person.

The water is just 10 centimeters deep, and the bottom is soft making any fall painless and impressive.

Kata Beach
Surf House Phuket

Dino Park Mini Golf

Located in Kata Beach, Dino Park Mini Golf is a favorite spot for families and friends. The Park has a full 18-hole course that runs through a Jurassic Park-like setting, with giant and life-like dinosaurs around each hole.

Kata Beach
Mini Golf at Kata Beach

Kata Temple

Kata Temple is also known as Wat Kata. The Kata Temple houses the statue of Lord Buddha, monks’ dormitories, a monastery pavilion, and a primary school on the same grounds. The temples were built in 1832 and have been continuously renovated and maintained. The temple is an impressive sight to visit with fresh colour paintings throughout most of its buildings.

Kata/Karon View Point

Karon Viewpoint formerly known as Kata viewpoint is one of the most visited viewpoints in Phuket. Located between Nai Harn and Kata beaches. Go take in the view of Karon Beach, Kata Beach, and Kata Noi and all the way up the West Coast to Patong Beach. This is a major photo opportunity while standing at Karon’s viewpoint. You will need transport to get up there.

Kata Beach
Karon View Point
Kata Beach
Kata/Karon View Point

The viewpoint is usually is a centre for tourist attraction, most tourist prefers viewing the northern region because of its undeniably impressive eight-kilometre vista of the three west coast beaches.

The best time to visit Karon Viewpoint is in the early evening and catch the sunset normally between 6:15 and 6>45 PM dependant on the time of the year.

Kata Beach Nature Trail

A one kilometre long nature trail that starts just north of Kata Noi and ends at Kata beach. Along this path are many species of plants and animals endemic to the local area.

There is a small fee for entry into Kata Beach Nature Trail, but it’s worth every baht spent on this beautiful walk around one of Thailand’s most popular beaches.

Scuba Diving and Surfing

In the waters off Kata Beach, you can get certified to scuba dive or surf with a local company.

If I don’t have your own gear, you can rent equipment from any of the many rental shops in Karon. Let them know your height and weight so they will be sure

Did you get to know enough about Kata and it’s beaches?

If you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, Kata Beach is the place to go.

It’s easy enough to get there from any of the major hotels in Phuket and it has everything your family needs: safe swimming, good food, and plenty of activities.

Plus, if you want to explore other beaches on vacation this summer, it’s just a short drive away! 

Karon Beach

Is 5 minutes drive in a Tuk Tuk to the North, again a long white sand location with many hotels and an easy walk from Kata beach.

Kata Beach
Karon Beach

Patong Beach

Just a further 15 minutes from Karon will bring you to Patong, the infamous Bangla Road, and nightlife. Patong Beach is a busy hub.

Kata Beach
Patong Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Finally, Kata Beach and Kata Noi (North) beach is a must-visit for anyone who is looking for a place to spend his or her vacation.

The beach has a lot of activities that would make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Kata Beach
Kata Noi Beach

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