Phuket Weather in November

Phuket Weather in November

November traditionally marks the start of the high season the Phuket Weather in November is outlined below, what to expect and details about Tides, Wind and Sea conditions.

Phuket island is once again brought to life by tourists, visitors and travellers searching for the perfect sun-kissed tropical island getaway.

Phuket Weather in November reciprocates by offering uploads of sunshine, colourful sunsets, calm seas and pleasant days.
Although there can be occasional showers and thunderstorms in November, the winds from the Northeast bring little in the way of rain.

Rainfall November
The average rainfall in Phuket in November is 178 mm

It is safe to say that tourists, visitors and travellers can leave their raincoats and umbrellas at home.

It can be humid during the month of November in Phuket, but the humidity isn’t considered oppressive. Most days, the weather feels muggy, and if you are a tourist, visitor or traveller not used to this sort of Phuket weather, you will find that you sweat much more than at home. Do take appropriate measures to remain hydrated and drink lots of water; carrying a handkerchief will come in handy, too.

Phuket Weather in November days

Most days in the month of November are constant and average at least 7 hours of sunshine per day. These long days in Phuket allow tourists, visitors and travellers to laze about on the islands idyllic beaches and enjoy ample time in the warm sea.

The average sea temperature in Phuket during the month of November is nearly 30 degrees Celsius.

This makes for warm seas, but even so, jumping into the water is a refreshing break from the sun!

Phuket Weather in November sunset

Sunsets in Phuket in November are normally spectacular, and there are a variety of stunning locations to enjoy a refreshing drink while the sun goes down. Be prepared with your camera, as the hues of orange, pink, purple and red provide idyllic snapshots that will only enhance your holiday memories.

Phuket weather in November is about as perfect as weather can get.

Long days filled with sunshine, warm temperatures, and little rain enable tourists, visitors and travellers to really get out and explore the island and enjoy its pristine beaches, lush greenery and famous tourist destinations and hot spots.

November is a perfect month to holiday in Phuket.

Even though November marks the start of the high season, the island is neither overcrowded nor extremely busy. The weather is warm, the seas calm, and the days long and pleasant.

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