Thursday weather in Phuket

Thursday weather in Phuket

Thursday weather in Phuket report and into June we go. Some scattered clouds around with showers and sometimes they will be heavy. The temperature is set to hit 30C mid-day so a little warmer.

The forecast tells us today will be overcast and humid (80%) which means hotter so enjoy the day. Lots happening around the Island and plenty of time to enjoy the Phuket Beaches and attractions.

Our main picture today is Promthep Cape’s viewpoint on the South of Phuket, looking into the bay of Nai Harn with The Nai Harn Hotel on the right.

The lower Andaman Sea area

The Thursday weather in Phuket forecasts are expecting a mid-day temperature high of 30 C and it feels like a lot more when you are out in the sun. Humidity in our current location is in the 80s and expected to drop during the day, the skies have scattered clouds this morning. It’s the first day of June so Pinch Punch and Rabbits with the weather looking good with lots more going on around the Island. It is indeed an excellent time for families and tourists.

Winds and any pressure are a little more mixed today at 9 to 11 knots most of the morning with the afternoon the same including some healthy gusts up to 19 knots. The wind from the West today and continuing as we move into Friday. Scroll down the page to read the JunesTide times with a free PDF download and the Windguru charts which are live and updated throughout the day on the main Phuket Weather page. Whatever your location with low pressure this evening and changeable wind the Thursday weather in Phuket could end the day with rain clouds, and showers please take extra care.

Will we have some beach Time this weekend?

Check out what you can do with some sunny day activities and check back with us on Friday morning to get an update.

Thursday weather in Phuket
Tropical Phuket Beach at Racha

The Air Quality Index is in the Green and Good at 30. The Air Quality is located and updated live on the Weather page every hour.

Sunrise today 06:08

Sunset at 18:41

High Tides today

at 08:30 and 20:25

Low Tides today

at 02:05 and 14:45

There is plenty going on around the Island, check out the experience and also the Latest News, you can read more about the outlook and what to expect as we move through May all months are regularly updated along with the latest 30-day weather forecast and looking forward to many events through the summer months and leading up to Christmas and New Year.

The Thursday weather in Phuket and Rip Tides.

Here is an image explaining what a riptide can look like and is here as a reminder of the dangers of Rip Tides.

Checking out the beach conditions on the Thursday weather in Phuket, a Beach notice board, and focusing on Rip Tides. Do you know about Rip Tides if you are going to enter the sea around Phuket, learn more about Rip Tides?

Thursday weather in Phuket tide updates

Are you wondering about the Phuket Tides? Check out the Tides Tables a month-by-month update through to December 2023.

There are daily weather updates on our Weather page and also on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM throughout the day.

The current wind and rain radars are available if you would like a live update. You can also check the Weather Radar, which is live and updates every few minutes.

The picture below is of Patong Beach and a windsurfer on Layan Beach which we hope you like.

Thursday weather in Phuket
Patong Beach September 2021
Thursday Weather in Phuket
Flat calm on a Phuket Beach

Phuket Weather Forecast is updated every weekday. Just click the day of the week below that you are interested in.

There are daily and monthly updates, along with Windguru Phuket charts, Live Phuket Air Quality data, and live wind direction and wide strength information.

Phuket Old Town

Our head picture was taken at sunset over the Phuket Old Town Sunday Market, well worth a visit on a Sunday evening with lots of craft and cultural stalls and an abundance of food and drinks opportunities.

Thursday weather in Phuket
Three monkeys statue situated on Srisuthat Road, Ko Sire, Phuket