Thursday weather in Phuket

Thursday weather in Phuket

Another warm afternoon is in the Thursday weather in Phuket we look at no rain today, blue skies and low humidity, a perfect day in paradise.

Pleased to see the Air Quality index is in the yellow and moderate at 50 taken at 7 AM.

Sunrise today 06:46

Sunset at 18:29

High Tides today

at 12:05 and 00:10 Friday

Low Tides today

at 06:10 and 18:10

The Phuket Air Quality is updated live on the Phuket Weather page.

Temperatures are 27 C this morning as the day progresses we should see 31 C mid-afternoon, staying cool overnight to Friday 24 C.

The wind this morning is out of the North East at a steady 9 to 10 knots dropping off as the day progresses to hardly anything late afternoon and through to Friday.

Rip Tides.

Here is an image explaining what a riptide can look like and is here as a reminder of the dangers of Rip Tides.

Thursday weather in Phuket, a Phuket Beach notice board and focusing on Rip Tides. Do you know about Rip Tides if you are going to enter the sea around Phuket, learn more about Rip Tides?

Wondering about the Tides? Check out the Full Phuket Tides Tables.

Phuket weather in January
Phuket Tide Times for January 2022 PDF Download

There are daily weather updates on our Phuket Weather page and also on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM throughout the day.

You can also check the Phuket Weather Radar, which is live and updates every few minutes.

The picture below, we think shows the general wind conditions at this time. The current wind and rain radar in Phuket are available if you would like a live update.

Thursday weather in Phuket
Patong Beach September 2021
Thursday Weather in Phuket
Flat calm on a Phuket Beach

Phuket Weather Forecast is updated every weekday. Just click the day of the week below that you are interested in.

There are daily and monthly updates, along with Windguru Phuket charts, Live Phuket Air Quality data and live wind direction and wide strength information.

Did you check out Java Watersports yet? They have a shuttle boat every Saturday and Sunday leaving for Koh Lon at 9 AM and returning at 5 PM. The boat leaves from the Phuket Cruising Yacht Club.

Java Yachting watersports
Java Yachting watersports menu of charges

Phuket Old Town

Our head picture was taken at sunset over the Phuket Old Town Sunday Market, well worth a visit on a Sunday evening with lots of craft and cultural stalls and an abundance of food and drinks opportunities.