Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach 2023 a family friendly destination

Located on the west coast of Phuket, Kamala Beach offers visitors some respite from the hustle and bustle of some of the other beach resorts on the Island while still being close to shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Much like any other beach on the island, there is plenty to do and see. Kamala Beach is a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities for all ages.

Kamala Beach
Kamala Bay looking North credited to Novotel Phuket kamala beach

Kamala Beach
Sunbeds on Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach also boasts a variety of accommodation options including luxury hotels, Andara, Paresa and Cape Sienna along with upscale condos, and budget guesthouses.

Kamala Beach is located near other popular destinations like Patong Beach to the South and Surin Beach to the North. It easy to explore the area’s attractions without having to travel too far away from your accommodation with Cars and Motor Cycles available to rent and an abundance of local Taxis and Tuk Tuks.

Kamala Beach
Surin Beach
Kamala Beach
Surin Beach

The area has a variety of restaurants to choose from, including Thai and international cuisine. 

There are also many water sports available on the beach, such as kayaking and snorkelling.

Best times to visit Kamala beach

The best time to visit Phuket Island in Thailand is during the months of November through February. The weather then ranges from 26 degrees Celsius (79 Fahrenheit) at night and 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) or warmer during the day when humidity can be at around 80%. This is perfect for exploring the island, including Kamala Beach. The Phuket Weather predictions and forecasts are updated daily on our website.

Is Kamala beach clean?

Kamala Beach is a popular spot for families. It’s also great for swimming and the water is very clear.

Can you swim at Kamala Beach?

Yes, it is the perfect location for a vacation, where you can spend your day on the beach. The sand in Kamala Beach like many of the Phuket Beaches is pure and soft, perfect to walk barefoot. It feels like silk under your feet when it’s hot outside.

Was Kamala beach hit by the tsunami?

Unfortunately, Kamala was hit hard by the tsunami of 2004. Afterwards though, it managed to bounce back and rise from the ashes thanks in part to volunteers who helped with reconstruction efforts.

Kamala Beach Luxury Hotels

Phuket Hotels Andara Signature Resort Pool villa

Andara Resort Kamala

The Andara Resort offers the perfect getaway for those looking to escape from it all and experience a peaceful natural environment with unparalleled amenities. Guests can enjoy complimentary access to the pools, fitness centre, and sauna as well as 24-hour room service and recreational on the southern end of Kamala Beach, whilst not directly on the beach is without a doubt the most stunning of the properties in the area.

Kamala Beach

Cape Sienna Resort

Situated also on the southern end of the beach with no direct beach access however the resort does have a private beach club called the Sienna Rocks Café & Pool Club on-site. The area is popular for recreational activities or just an enjoyable afternoon at the pool with friends.

Beach Clubs and pubs at Kamala Beach.

There are some awesome Beach Clubs in Phuket and some of the best are located on the Northern side of Kamala with easy access and parking. Including HQ Beach Lounge & Restaurant Phuket, and Cafe Del Mar both at the north end of the beach, in Kamala itself, you will find the Aussie Pub and the Kamala Beergarden many reviews about these pubs can be found on Google and TripAdvisor.

Further to the North is Surin Beach and Bang Tao which is the home to Laguna Triathlon, and will now host the Junior Tri Dash season finale 2022. Also at Bang Tao, you will find the infamous Catch Beach Club and Xana Beach Club.

HQ Beach Lounge & Restaurant Phuket

Cafe Del Mar Phuket

There are many smaller pubs and bars where you will find inexpensive drinks and typical Thai hospitality.

We did a small survey in May 2021 and asked What’s your favourite thing about Kamala beach?

  • The sand 41%
  • The water 36%
  • The people 23%

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