The Wednesday forecast for Phuket. 

Cloudy skies this Wednesday morning currently 27 degrees C. chance of more rain today.  Cloud cover thickening up to 80 as the day progresses.

Sunrise this morning was at 6:16 AM and Sunset 6:25 PM . 

Wind is out of the West and North West at 9 knots and later this afternoon into Wednesday evening freshening towards 13 – 15 knots.

Wednesday air quality index for Phuket is at a Moderate 50 at 9 am.

Temperatures kick off the morning at 27 Degrees C and rising through the day to 29/30 C.

Tidetables for September are here. Waves are from the West and if going to the Phuket Beaches please check out the Lifeguard flags before entering the water.

Enjoy your day in Phuket. 

Wednesday forecast for Phuket

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