Visiting Phuket Thailand

Phuket Island weather Tuesday

Sun is out, and the Phuket Island Weather Tuesday is looking much better.

Very light winds at 4 to 5 knots this morning and coming from the South West, and it looks set like that for the day.

For live information on the wind, check out the Winguru Phuket Chart and stay up to date.

You may see more on the actual wind direction by visiting this live update, click on the chart and get wind strength.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday, Air Quality Index

The Phuket Air Quality index is updated every hour and has lots of information. Currently (7:00 am), it is moderate at 65. Stay up to date with the Phuket Air Quality Index here

Will it rain all day? You can check out the live weather radar, but there is minimal cloud cover as a summary. First thing, we think we are in for a fine day today with temperatures rising from 27C to 30C by mid-day.

Are you planning a trip out on the water? Tide Tables for Phuket are updated through to the end of the year, and also available is a current month PDF download.  

Our picture today is Kata Beach. There is more on Kata Beach here. Did you notice the Thia kids in the water on their surfboards?

Sunrise was at 06:15 AM and will set this Tuesday at 6:48 PM.