Phuket Island weather Tuesday

Phuket Island weather Tuesday

Oh dear, another overcast start to our Phuket Island Weather Tuesday the last day of January and so many tourists returning to Phuket is all great news for the economy, not so much for the traffic, but hey ho, so let’s see what today’s weather holds.

We find ourselves with a slightly overcast early morning maybe some sunshine and blue skies later this morning, it is starting to look like a high season in Phuket which is now well underway and great for the economy.

The Phuket Island weather Tuesday places the temperature at a maximum of 29°C for most of the afternoon. Winds this morning are from the East currently at 9 to 10 knots with some healthy gusts hitting 19 knots. For the afternoon the gust lightens to 15 knots as we head to Tuesday evening and into Wednesday. The wind is set and continues out of the East today and the North East into Wednesday.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday Humidity

The Humidity gauge as you would expect is showing into the mid-70s and 80s overnight. We see a few rain showers late evening extending overnight perhaps. The Phuket Air Quality index is updated every hour. At 7 am is Yellow and Moderate at a high 99.

High Tides today at

6:05 and 18:50 Wednesday

Low Tides today at

00:05 and 11:40 Wednesday

Sunrise today 06:46

Sunset at 18:33

For live information on the wind and possible rain local cloud cover and temperature, check out the Phuket Radar and Winguru Phuket Chart and the Phuket Air Quality Index is updated on time every hour with full details of the top stories and sky conditions. Stay up to date on Phuket FM Radio.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday
A Tropical Island Phuket beach

You may see more on the actual wind direction by visiting this live update, clicking on the chart, and getting the live wind strength and direction.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday, Air Quality Index

The Phuket Air Quality index is updated every hour with lots of information. Currently, we are Yellow, Moderate, and registering 99.

As predicted in our week ahead report it stays cool overnight and today with humidity in the low ’70s. We may see a light shower overnight.

Look forward to Wednesday weather being updated every Wednesday morning you can also check anytime on our live weather radar.

The live Phuket weather radar displays radar Meteo Phuket, Phuket radar weather map can warn of rain and thunderstorms and changes in the general day forecast and weather system approaching Phuket Island and the Andaman Region.

See the questions everyone is asking and the weather outlook for February and into March with ideas on things to do, what to expect and a full look at the weather and events for Valentine’s Day in Phuket.

There is also a 30-day outlook updated throughout the current month giving you an overview of the usual conditions.

Phuket Island weather February Tide Tables

Are you planning a trip out on the water? Tide Tables for Phuket are updated through to the end of the year.

If you are looking for all Phuket Tide Times, we will have them available and updated every month through 2023.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday
Phuket Tides and Times for the month of February 2023
Phuket Island weather Tuesday
Kata Beach and kids surfing.

The picture above is of Kata Beach. There is more on Kata Beach and the Phuket Beaches here. Did you notice the Thai kids in the water on their surfboards? The Phuket weather on a Tuesday being nearly mid-week is perhaps an opportunity to visit some of the Phuket attractions.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday
Lotus flowers in Phuket

If you are heading to Chiang Mai you may enjoy our recent post It’s a Cool Destination. For a guide on what’s on in Phuket check out the Phuket Events and Festivals page for some ideas on what is coming up.

Phuket Island weather Tuesday

We have a daily weather update along with a Midweek weather outlook and Weekend updates for your convenience.

No, we are not possessed about the Phuket Weather but we do know so many listeners are tuned in online from around the World, looking to visit Phuket and would like to know what the weather is doing.

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