Phuket Weather forecast 30 days

Phuket Weather forecast 30 days

Phuket weather forecast 30 days in the months through September which is normally the wettest month of the year and into October.?

The Phuket weather forecast for the next 30 days based on temperature will range from 25 to 31 degrees Centigrade.

Phuket Weather in July
Average Rainfall in Phuket month on month.

Normally September has 22 days of rain, the good news is it is not cold. However, if we do have a heavy downpour, it won’t last long. It won’t last all day if it rains, and the temperature will not change a lot. 

Phuket Weather forecast 30 days what you can expect.

The Phuket island is no longer locked down due to Covid 19. There are however many precautions and mask wearing is compulsory.

You can travel internationally to Phuket as the Island is open and running under what is called the “Phuket Sandbox”. Check with your travel agent before attempting to travel.

  1. Do expect it to be dryer, and make the most of it as September approaches.
  2. If it rains it won’t be for long normally and usually no more than a day or so.
  3. Temperatures will be consistent in the 27 – 31 C range
  4. Phuket West Coast beaches should always be treated with caution because of potential rip tides however this period it is relatively safe.

PLEASE remember the sea is always warm, but not always safe. Check with the lifeguards.

Visiting the Phuket beaches is normally not an issue, but swimmers still need to take care of potential rip currents and changes in the weather. Again check as some beaches are starting to open.

Of course, if it is wet, there is always Shopping. Jungcelyon in Patong and Central Festival in the centre of the Island will have more than enough selection for any shopper. Then again, if you want to get wet, check Java Watersports family day out on the tropical Island of Koh Lon.

Phuket Weather forecast 30 days through September.

If you are going out on the water, say for a boat trip, visit one of the islands, check the daily weather updates, and before boarding, ask the tour guide about safety equipment and life jackets.

Looking for Phuket Tide Table for September? Check here for the September 2021 Phuket Tide Table, which you may wish to download as a JPG.

September in Phuket Tide Tables
Would you like to download this chart? You can HERE

You can listen to the daily weather forecast each morning at 7:30 and every hour on the half-hour by tuning into Phuket FM radio on 91.5 and 102.5 FM and also online with apps you can download HERE and catch what just played.

Above, we have a daily weather update, normally ready and current by 9 am each weekday morning. Just click the day to be taken to that day’s forecast.

Phuket Island Weather and where to stay.

Looking for somewhere to stay over September and October? Most hotels are open as part of the Phuket Sandbox plan. Hotels are registered as SHA resorts, so comply with all local conditions and regulations. However, many guest houses are closed.

Once the Covid 19 situation clears up, check out quality serviced apartments at very affordable rates and situated on the West Coast of Phuket to the South, Kata Beach, Kata Noi, Patong Beach, and Kamala Beach.