Monday weather in Phuket

Monday weather in Phuket

Monday weather in Phuket scattered clouds blue skies and no rain today to start our week off, the Minimum temperature is 24-26 °C. Maximum temperature should be 29-32 °C, light winds from the South greet our Monday morning. At recent locations, we have recorded local temperatures of 26 °C and 27 °C. It looks like a decent start to the new week with a top daily temperature this afternoon at 30 °C.

In southerly winds currently, the wind speed is 2 to 4 knots and is expected to lighten slightly throughout the day, with occasional gusts reaching up to a staggering 6 knots. This continues overnight into Tuesday with lighterwinds remaining so do enjoy it.

Despite the change to the wind’s direction today, it looks like winds on the Island and the whole of Thailand will continue with changeable conditions. Take a look at the next 30 days’ outlook and predictions, temperature, humidity and what’s in store for the rest of the month and look forward through September and start thinking about the high season after October, into November and December.

Monday Weather in Phuket
Phuket sunset

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Monday weather in Phuket
South Phuket

The weather chart for Monday Weather in Phuket says the humidity is in the 70s this morning. Humidity stays in the mid 80s overnight as we head for Tuesday.

The Air Quality Index is reading moderate in the yellow 61 at 8 AM. You can stay updated with regular Air Quality updates and LIVE wind pressure conditions, directions, visibility, etc. on the weather page.

Please come back later and join us with our detailed look at the week ahead update later this evening.

Monday weather in Phuket Tide Times

Phuket High Tide

High Tides today at

08:25 and 21:05

Phuket Low Tide

Low Tides today at

02:35 and 15:15

Phuket Sunrise and sunset times

Sunrise today 06:17

Sunset at 18:29

Monday weather in Phuket

The rest of the week’s weather report later today will take a look at the next 5 days through to Friday.

Staying with the beach warnings, it looks super safe if you go in the sea, but there are many rip tides.

This week’s wave Height predictions are currently 0.75 of a metre and a little less as the week progresses.

If you plan to head out on the water, check the conditions and check the tides and sea conditions

Would you please follow the Lifeguard flags? Only swim where it is safe.

Phuket Tide Table and Tide Times

September in Phuket
Phuket Tide Tables for the month of September 2023 get your free download

Monday weather in Phuket

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A lot is happening in and around Phuket Province, and there are many incredible temples to visit.

Pictured below is the Tha Sai Temple, not actually in Phuket but a recommended visit if travelling to Khao Lak, located here 9735+W95, Thai Mueang, Thai Mueang District, Phang-nga 82120

Monday weather in Phuket
A Buddhist temple on the beach.

There are always lots of places to visit and things to do with many locations and events to plan for on warm sunny days. On odd occasions, the weather is not so nice there are also some excellent temples to visit and of course lots of International Shopping Malls.

Today, our picture is the Stealth Catamaran ‘Twister 2’ built by Asia Catamarans right here in Phuket.

Monday weather in Phuket
The Stealth Catamaran ‘Twister 2’ built here in Phuket by Asia Catamarans

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January, hello 2023 Phuket is ready.

The Phuket weather in January, blue skies temperatures at 32°C warm and crystal clear sea, white sand and an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day.

Phuket weather in January

Did you know the Phuket weather in January is probably one of the best months of the year.

Weather in Phuket in February

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Weather in Phuket in February

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Weather in Phuket in March

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Phuket Weather in May

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Phuket Weather in June is cooler

As the heat from April and May subsides, and the weather becomes more pleasant this is a great time to plan a visit.

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Monday weather in Phuket
Two people on a beach swing, Patong Beach, Phuket Thailand
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September in Phuket

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September in Phuket

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Phuket Weather in October

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Phuket Weather in October

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Phuket in November

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Phuket in November

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Phuket Weather in December

The best thing about Phuket Weather in December is……… the Phuket weather.