Monday weather in Phuket

Monday weather in Phuket

The Monday Weather in Phuket sets off with high clouds and probably some scattered showers through the late morning.

The westerly winds are now established and there’s plenty of it today, steady 10 knots with gusts up to 19 – 20 knots mid-afternoon. It does lighten overnight towards Tuesday.

Did you know you can watch the Monday weather in the Phuket weather system discussed and it is live on our Radar page?

Please come back later and join us with our detailed week ahead update later this evening.

High Tides today at

04:45 and 16:50

Low Tides today at

10:10 and 23:25

Sunrise today 06:08

Sunset at 18:39

As we move towards Tuesday, it looks like it is staying cool today top temperature at 30C and overnight down to 27C.

Monday weather in Phuket

The overnight rains have cleared the Air.

Phuket Air quality for your Monday weather in Phuket at 7 AM is good in the green at 38. The Air Quality is updated live every hour throughout the day.

The rest of the week’s weather report later today will take a look at the next 5 days’ weather in Phuket.

You can read about the May 2022 outlook and June as to what you could expect, what’s coming up and historical information is also available. 

Check out what is going on in June with details on the International sailing regatta and the June 2022 outlook with the average weather conditions upcoming events and some ideas on things to do.

Staying with the beach warnings, if you are going in the sea, it looks super safe, but there are many rip tides.

This week’s wave Hight predictions are currently 0.5 of a metre and a little less as the week progresses.

If you plan to head out on the water, check the conditions and check the tides and sea conditions

Would you please follow the Lifeguard flags? Only swim where it is safe.

May Tide Table and tide times

Phuket Tide Table May 2022
May 2022 Tide Table for Phuket Download available

Monday weather in Phuket

We will have further weather updates, Phuket news and all the tourist area news and Phuket Sandbox update available tune into Phuket FM Radio on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM.

A lot is going on in and around Phuket Province. Coming up in June is the Annual Phuket Raceweek sailing regatta at Cape Panwa Hotel.

There are always lots to do and events to plan for and things to do on sunny days, and on odd occasions, the weather is not so nice.

Today, our picture is the Stealth Catamaran ‘Twister 2’ built in Phuket by Asia Catamarans right here in Phuket.

Monday weather in Phuket
The Stealth Catamaran ‘Twister 2’ built here in Phuket by Asia Catamarans

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