Monday weather in Phuket

Monday weather in Phuket

Into the last week of July the overnight temperature lows at 25°C, highs at 31-32°C—sunny first thing and looking like that is Monday.

Monday’s cloud cover is high and currently at 85% and the wind from the South West at 12 knots but watch out for the gusts up to 14 knots this morning. We are expecting the wind to strengthen late Monday afternoon as the temperature starts to cool.

Sunrise today was at 06:18, and the sun will set at 18:48 (6:48 PM) this evening.

Monday weather in Phuket

Phuket Air quality at  8 AM moderate 53. The Air Quality is updated throughout the day.

If you plan to head out on the water, check the conditions and check the tides and sea conditions

Hopefully, Tuesday, we shall see things further improve, and the July months weather predictions and historical information are here. 

Staying with the beach warnings, if you are going in the sea, it looks super safe, but there are many rip tides at this time of the year.

Would you please follow the Lifeguard flags? 

Only swim where it is safe.

Monday weather in Phuket

The boy is very excited today. Find out why and tune into 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM.

Taking a look at the week ahead to see what is in store.