Monday weather in Phuket on September 21st and looking a lot better after the weekend storms.

What a weekend that was, hey?

Thankfully it is looking a lot better as we move into a new week.

The air quality is good and in the green. The Air Quality is updated through out the day.

29 degrees C and high humisty, but little chance of rain at this time.

Not a lot of wind from the South East at 6 knots, this morning and staying like that for the rest of the day. Looking like lighter winds on Tuesday.

Sunrise today was at 06:15 and the sun will set at 18:22 (6:22 PM) this evening.

 Again we are featuring Water Safety and the need to look at what the beach flags are saying. 

If you are planning to head out on the water do check the conditions and check the tides and sea conditions

Hopefully, Tuesday, see more sunshine and if you wish the September months weather predictions and historic information is here. 

Monday weather in PhuketStaying with the beach warnings if you are going in the sea it looks super safe but there are many rip tides at this time of the year.

Please follow the Lifeguard flags. 

Only swim where it is safe.

Monday weather in Phuket

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Taking a look at

he week ahead to see what is in store.