Phuket Weather in July

Phuket weather in July is it good?

Here we go, the Phuket weather in July 2023 after a full-on high season let’s see what we can look forward to in July.

The great news is that the Weather in July hasn’t changed. You can also look ahead to August for an update.

Thailand has a tropical monsoonal climate and is generally warm all year long although it roughly varies between warm, cool and rainy, with the average yearly temperature being 29 degrees Celsius or 83 degrees Fahrenheit and an average of 8 hours of sunshine each day.

Phuket average Daylight and Sunshine for July
Phuket average Daylight and Sunshine for July

Anyone who has visited Phuket would certainly recommend it as a place worth a visit.

Are you looking to spend your next holiday on Thailand’s paradise island? We certainly hope so.

Here is what to expect from Phuket weather in July 2022.

Phuket weather in July

Rain, Temperatures, and Sea Conditions.

July is the month when the weather normally has settled into summertime. Just check out the LIVE weather radar. Phuket Island is generally quieter, International Schools are on holiday Thai Schools have just gone back after the break.  West Coast beaches are enjoying South Westerly currents and hence great surfing.

Swimmers on the West Coast at this time need to take notice of the Lifeguard’s advice and follow the flags. Read our update on Phuket Tides and in Particular RIP-Tides.

Sometimes swimming is restricted due to the large waves and dangerous undercurrents but good news for the surfers and bodyboarders as July is when the surf season.

The sea temperature in July remains at bath-like temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

July’s average temperature does drop down slightly from the hottest months of March and April and varies in the mid-thirties. This drop can be offset by the rise in humidity levels, which is high day and night.

Phuket Weather in July
Average Rainfall in Phuket month on month.

The average rainfall in July is around 260 mm it is not one of the wettest months, that title goes to September (362mm) or October (321mm). May is also a pleasant month, after the Songkran Festival in April it can be a pleasant month to visit.

The chances of having a wet day during this month in Phuket are essentially 52%. You might want to bring a raincoat or an umbrella for your trip: it can rain anytime. 

Phuket Beaches and the Phuket Weather in July, take care

Nai Harn beach in December, the beach can look just like this during the July and August months. 

The July and August outlook

Please don’t be mistaken Phuket weather in July sounds like it just rains all day long, it doesn’t.

There are good periods of sun and the showers often only last for an hour and do really help with the humidity if only for a couple of hours. The better weather during June, July, and August will mean fewer tourists, less traffic, and generally easier to get around, just not so packed.

Don’t get too worried about the Phuket weather in July.  Phuket and its Islands are heaps of fun and plenty of activities are open. 

So much to do and some great offers on Accommodation, Car Hire, Tours, and International flights to get here. And while I am here telling you about Phuket weather in July read about December and January along with the next 30 days prediction, and again with early accommodation offers  Early December can be an excellent time to visit which is more so in 2023.

We hope you have enjoyed the look forward to July Weather in Phuket and you can get regular updates on Phuket Island radio and also the 30-day weather forecast looking forward to the next 30 days.

Wondering about the August and September weather outlook.

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Phuket Weather, Wind Direction and Forecast

Phuket Weather July Tide Tables

Phuket Tide Table July 2023
Phuket Tide Table Times High and Low Water July 2023

You are welcome to Download this Tide Table Chart, check other months here.

Phuket has Two Seasons.

There are generally two seasons, a hot season (high season), which is fairly dry, and a green (rainy season), or (monsoon season), which is a little cooler and of course, brings the rain. The hot or high season begins in late November or early December and usually lasts until the end of March.

Storm clouds Phuket Weather in July
Don’t be caught out if you see a storm cloud coming your way.

The Green season begins in April/May with June July and August being the best months for good Phuket Weather in the summer. September/October can bring some heavier rain.

November, April, and May are normally transitional months and during these times, the weather is rather hard to predict, although the months just before the green season, March, April and May are statistically the hottest and most humid times of the year for Phuket with the average temperature being 32/31 degrees Celsius or around 87/89 degrees Fahrenheit.