Wednesday forecast for Phuket

Wednesday forecast for Phuket

The last day of May and the Wednesday forecast for Phuket is here. Our weather station tells us gusting winds today out of the West this morning and stay through the late evening after what looks to be a day with heavy showers.

Daytime temperatures hitting 28C today and the humidity is in the mid-80 % during the day and the low 80s overnight to Thursday.

We have the technology and information to bring you the stories and weather predictions. Sunrise today at 6:08 and Sunset at 18:40.

Speaking of technology we have started a series of Articles about Chat Bots and GPT-3 and the development of GPT-4 please do have a read to understand these new technologies.

Turning back to the weather forecast for Wednesday and overnight into Thursday, it is a windy morning with lots of wind. This afternoon it will develop as the wind’s pressure increases continuing from the West to a steady 11 knots with gusts around touching 22 knots. This evening the wind stays the same and remains that way through the night. The sea state is rough and the water is warm but not safe to swim. Do take care if you are on the beach.

Wednesday forecast for Phuket
Yannui Beach

The Rain Radar and humidity prediction for your Wednesday forecast for Phuket are currently showing a few scattered clouds this morning with a clear radar into the afternoon through this evening. Check out and follow the LIVE Phuket Radar, (link below). Visibility is good with sunny periods.

The daytime humidity is in the ’80s this morning. A daytime high temperature of 28C feels like a lot more in the sun, and a little bit cooler overnight at 27C.

The wind in your Wednesday forecast for Phuket

In summary and turning to the Windguru Phuket chart, the wind is from the West this morning. The late afternoon stays windy and wet as we move into Thursday, and light during early Thursday morning.

Looking towards Thursday we will have another look this evening when we update the Mid-week weather in the Phuket area outlook.

Wednesday forecast for Phuket Tide Times

High Tides today at

07:50 and 20:00

Low Tides today at

01:20 and 13:55

Sunrise today 06:08

Sunset at 18:40

The Air Quality Index is back in service and still giving us a reading in the Green and Good at 30 to start our day. We will check on the radar later. Did you ever wonder how radar works? There is a new article on the subject which you may find interesting.

If you are going to the Phuket Beaches, please check out the Lifeguard flags before entering the water. Very little swell coming out of the west but still do take care. Below is the May Tide Table for Phuket.

Phuket Island is in the tropics and, as such, has two distinct seasons with tropical weather patterns. Because of this, sometimes the sea conditions are not what they may seem.

There is an excellent article on Rip Tides from WikiHow that we would urge you to read.

We have all the Phuket Tide Tables month by month with monthly downloads on the Phuket Tide Tables page.

Phuket Tidetables
Phuket Tidetables and times June 2023

There is also an update and we can check weather updates and the outlook for May is now available. Keep your eye on the weather for the next few days and enjoy your day in Phuket. If you are thinking of visiting in June check out the June monthly outlook.

Wednesday forecast for Phuket

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The Mid-week weather in Phuket is updated Wednesday evening for the rest of the week.

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