Wednesday forecast for Phuket

Wednesday forecast for Phuket

This morning we wake to an overcast sky, and with temperatures at 27 Degrees C, we will probably see a high of 29C early afternoon.

Can we breathe today, find out and follow the air quality index for Phuket? Right now, it is a moderate 55 at 8 am. This index is updated every hour.

Turning to the Windguru Phuket chart, it looks flat, calm with just a knot or two. Expect this to freshen to 8 to 9 knots late afternoon and into the evening. Wind will be coming from the South.

As we said, it is very calm on the water this morning waves are from the West, and if you are going to the Phuket Beaches, please check out the Lifeguard flags before entering the water.

Tide tables for July are here.

The sun was up at 6:14 this morning, and sunset is at 6:48 this evening.

Enjoy your day in Phuket. 

Wednesday forecast for Phuket

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