Mid-week weather in Phuket

Mid-week weather in Phuket

Coming up and our mid-week weather in Phuket is showing us more clear days and the wind easing off early Thursday morning. After a light shower late Wednesday afternoon Phuket is setting up for more of the same in the coming days after a pleasant Tuesday and Wednesday morning, it stays calm overnight and has consistent light winds from the North East, turning from the North for a short time on Thursday afternoon.

A light North Easterly breeze around 5 to 7 knots most of Thursday and a fairly flat and calm day, and staying like that into Friday. For some good sailing conditions, I am afraid you may have to wait until the weekend. Daily temperatures are around 30C on Thursday feels like 32C in the sun and the same on Friday.

There is more to do in Phuket and many places to visit. On Sunday a walk around the Phuket Town Sunday Market is a welcome excursion. Are you coming here for the Thai Boxing or Muay Thai training camps? Phuket is home to some of the best Muay Thai training camps in the world. Check out the links for the locations of the camps.

If you are heading north to Chiang Mai this is a cool destination with lots of the latest information available.

The Air Quality is updated every hour so far along with the Phuket Weather getting better with both humidity, precipitation, winds, and haze dropping. The air quality is now showing readings in the 20s to the 60s every day, although Wednesday it was a little higher.

The live rain Radar is a clear live radar page and is well worth visiting if you are considering a day out. If you have ever wondered how radar works check out this feature recently added to the weather series.

The wind on this Mid-week weather in Phuket report

The Windguru chart below is showing hardly any wind over the coming days. A daily steady wind topping out at 5 knots on Thursday and looks the same on Friday. With the North Easterly winds, we look to have clear skies and the rest of the day to Friday looking clear and cool.

The Windguru chart tells the full story and care needs to be taken if you are out and about. If you are on the water expect sea level and wave heights to grow if the wind does pick up.

Mid-week weather in Phuket

You can follow the windguru Phuket Chart and the latest conditions on the Weather pages. Please come back on Friday and check our weekend weather outlook.

You can find 7-Day Phuket Weather Forecasts and updated daily information also on the weather page.

Stay tuned to 91.5 FM in Central and North Phuket and 102.5 FM in Central and South Phuket for the latest news and weather. If you want to know what we just played, then visit our last song played and get the details.

Phuket Tides and the Mid-week weather in Phuket

If you are looking for Phuket Tides information we have Phuket Tides for each month.

Mid-week weather in Phuket
Phuket Tide Table January and into February 2023

Our head picture is a sunny day on Kata Beach, we hope you like it. If you are following Climate Change and The uncertainty in climate science you may find this article of interest and also from Digital Planet is looking at green technology.

Looking forward and onwards through January let us all hope that the situation continues to improve and we can see some more visitors back enjoying this tropical island.