Mid-week weather in Phuket

Mid-week weather in Phuket

Another Wind-erful Wednesday, the mid-week weather in Phuket has plenty of wind in it again, and it looks like this through to the weekend.

Did you check out the mid-week wind forecast? The Windguru Phuket chart (below) this morning shows wind out of the South West at 13 knots with gusts mid-day to 25 knots. This is expected to continue as we go through Thursday and Friday.

Mid-week weather in Phuket
Check out the chart and note the RED gusts, thanks to Windguru Phuket

You can follow the windguru Phuket Chart and the latest conditions on Phuket Weather Page.

Overcast with sunny spells is the order of the week, and temperatures are normal for early August at 28/29 Centigrade. Expect temperatures to drop overnight to around 25 and as the week progresses to be slightly lower in the daytime as the wind increases.

Wednesday and through to Friday evening, there are predicted periods of rain, and it looks like cloud cover for the next few days is also in the 80% coverage zone.

You can find 7 Day Phuket Weather Forecasts and updated daily information on the weather page.

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