Phuket Weather in September

Phuket Weather in September

One of the magnificent things about Phuket in September is the weather.

Phuket weather in September helps set Phuket, and also Thailand, apart from much of the world. Its tropical climate is often a haven for outdoor activities and it is what makes Phuket such a unique and marvellous destination in Thailand for tourists from across the planet who want an island getaway in southern Asia just as autumn is beginning to rear its head.

Phuket Weather in September

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September weather in Phuket is typical of what the weather is often like in most of Thailand during the month of September, and of course, relatively similar year-round.

After dealing with the floodwaters of the summer months, the weather in Phuket in September is usually calmer and more stable, making it a promising time for travellers, visitors, and tourists.

Phuket weather in September is typically around 30 degrees Celsius, varying a couple of degrees on either side of 30 and the beaches are quieter as all the schools are back to school.

The winds in Phuket are typically quite mild and calm during the month of September, coming in from the west and northwest off of the Andaman Sea at roughly 8 miles per hour. Do however take extra care if swimming in the sea especially the beaches on the West Coast at this time of the year, check the Lifeguard flags first. The East Coast is normally a lot calmer at this time of the year.

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September rains in Phuket are typically higher than the rest of the year, particularly more so than the summer months, but it does tend to vary year to year.

The normal average rainfall for Phuket weather in September is anywhere around 16.5 inches, as has been recorded historically, so beware and watch out for the squalls.

Humidity in Phuket is often high as well, somewhere between 75% and 100%. The high rainfall at this time of the year is consistently attributed to the high humidity that is typical of many areas of southern Asia, particularly Thailand.

It is difficult to be in Phuket and avoid the sunshine.

Phuket weather in September is full of sunshine, as much as it is known for several days of heavy rainfall.

September days in Phuket are full of sunshine, with cloud covering only appearing in the wake of a rainstorm.

This ever-presence of consistent sunshine, temperature, and beautiful September weather is what makes Phuket one of the most sought-after tourist and vacation destinations in Thailand, Asia, and the world.

For those who love beaches, forests, and mountains, Phuket is a wonderful destination for an autumn vacation, and a large part of the convenience and fun of why Phuket is such a destination in September is due to the Phuket weather in September.

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