Weather Phuket forecasts

Weather Phuket forecasts and seasons

Phuket is known for its awesome climate and its tropical weather.

One day you might be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and then within seconds, it could start raining hard enough to soak you through!

The good news is it stays warm.

That’s why we need to know what the Phuket Weather is before heading out into town or taking a long walk.

Here are some of the essential things that this post will cover for you to know about Phuket weather today.

– Why we need to listen to the weather forecast in Phuket?

– How can you understand the winds speed and direction with our live weather Phuket radar and broadcasts?

– What are daily forecasts, including temperature and precipitation information, that meteorologists provide us with so when something changes in their prediction, we’ll know about it soon enough?

Today’s Temperature

The current temperature in Phuket Thailand can be found on the Phuket Weather page, Here you will find a 7-Day, Month by Month and also an outlook here on the current 30-day weather forecast. The latest weather forecast and live weather radar for Phuket Thailand can be found on these pages and is updated as needed to enable people in the region to prepare appropriately.

Current forecasts are available both hourly, daily, weekly and by month and all in English.

An example would be Earlier today it was raining from 06:00 am until 08:05 am with a maximum temperature of 25°C (77°F) feels like 29 °C. It will continue to rain throughout the day but less than earlier at 18% chance of showers between 16:00 pm – 20:00 pm then reach its nighttime low around 21°C (70°F) before rising again tomorrow morning towards 27 ° C (80 ° F).

This type of weather Phuket forecast should help you plan your outdoor activities without having to worry about rain and humidity.

Daily weather Phuket forecast

On a clear day, you can bet on it being hot and humid with a UV Index of 12-15.

Phuket is part of the tropics so even if there’s not much sun, you still need to be careful about your skin by wearing sunscreen at all times.

If it rains then there might also be some wind too but don’t expect any breezy winds unless the weather forecast predicts them for this week.

What time will sunrise happen?

The time of sunrise varies slightly during different seasons. During the winter months and the summer as Phuket is so close to the equator, the difference is very small. Rising between 06:15 AM and 06:45 AM and setting between 06:10 PM and 06:50 PM. There are plenty of sunny days in Phuket over 300 per annum.

Weather Phuket Forecasts

If your evening features lots of rain showers followed by overcast skies overnight, then chances are that your morning will be clear with sunshine either   Instead of waiting up all night wondering whether tomorrow will become another rainy one…why not just plan ahead?

Tune in to local radio and get the latest weather Phuket most have its own weather station so the data whilst can change is normally accurate.

Very sunny or clear (aka “sunny with a high UV index”) what about the air quality?

Air Quality

The air quality in Phuket is rated as “good” by the standards of Thailand’s Pollution Control Department. The main factor that affects this rating is vehicle emissions. In many parts of Asia, vehicles emit high levels of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere during operation – these can have very detrimental effects on health. The Phuket Air Quality Index is updated every hour and is free to view.

How to prepare for a rainy day?

Many people head out to experience the wonderful Phuket shopping malls like Jungcelyon in Phuket, or the Central complex in the centre of the Island.

In the event of heavy rain, shoppers should always remember to bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella.

The last thing anyone wants is for their clothes to be drenched in water and have no dry place nearby. It’s also important not to forget your phone charger! When you’re out shopping around Phuket Town there are many cafes with power outlets that will give you a much-needed recharge at very low costs or even free.

What about when it rains?

The rainy season usually starts from May until October but this can vary depending on how wet the winter months were and if Christmas was particularly cold (it’s been known for some exceptionally bad winters). Rainfall during this time averages between 140-180mm per month, probably best to pack your umbrella for your rainy days.

It’s important to remember that the weather in Phuket can vary wildly from one day to the next, so be prepared!

The country has a tropical climate and is home to rainforests which means when it rains it really does rain. It’s not uncommon for the humidity on any given day to fluctuate from comfortable to hot and sweaty uncomfortable.

Weather Phuket Forecasts

With this being said, make sure you pack clothes appropriate for all types of conditions and depending on what you plan to do.

If you are a forest walker sturdy shoes with good grip would be a good idea, if you are a beachcomber then flip flops would be just fine.

Plan your itinerary accordingly if you are going out during these time periods when sudden downpours occur because there is an increased risk of flooding and landslides at certain times throughout each year. Keep in mind that mountain roads may have

UV index

The UV index refers to how strong ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is at a given time and place – usually measured on a scale of 0 (low) to 20+ (extreme). The higher the UV index, the more exposure you can have to solar radiation.

UV Index Scale 0-12+ Low: Below 12 (e.g., 11) Moderate: Above 12 (between 13 and 17) Very high: 18 or above Extremely High: 20 or greater

Remember Phuket is tropical and even if there is no sun you can still burn.

Phuket Winds.

Typically winds come from either the Northeast light winds and are warm from November to April, carrying little humidity or precipitation. While during May to October the southwest monsoon travels across the Indian ocean and can be stronger and carry more precipitation.

If it rains then there might be some wind too but if not then just expect breezy winds throughout the day as well as partly cloudy skies during daytime hours. The weather Phuket forecast is updated every day.

Check out the wind direction and radar charts which are all live and updated every few minutes.

What is the wind speed?

Let’s talk about clouds first.

There are cumulus clouds but they do not have a lot of vertical development and don’t create precipitation. Can be referred to as partly cloudy. The sky is generally clear, although some high-level cirrus may be present as well.

Weather Phuket Forecasts

Partly cloudy.

It’s partly cloudy with scattered clouds that come and go during the day. Mostly sunny skies too, especially if it’s humid out there since humidity promotes the formation of these sorts of low-level cloud cover.

Rainfall can take many forms from occasional sprinkles to quick downpours. It doesn’t rain in Phuket for days and days usual shart quick storms – regardless, it’s still rain.

Measure the wind speed.

The wind is an important factor in the weather predictions for Phuket. It can affect everything from the waves’ height to how much rain there may be. If you live on or staying near a coastline, you’ll need to pay close attention to it because of its impact on tides and surf conditions. You can find Wind and Tide charts on our weather page.

Weather Phuket Forecasts
Nai Harn Beach

We have a very simple way for you to understand the winds speed, pressure and direction with our live weather Phuket radar and broadcasts.

Being prepared has never been easier because we provide daily forecasts, including temperature and precipitation information so that when something changes in our Phuket weather predictions, you’ll soon find out about it!

Live Updates

Our live updates are updated hourly throughout the day by one of our meteorologists who will keep an eye on all these factors for us as they happen. Rain showers may pop up without warning just like any other stormy outbreaks around weather Phuket during rainy seasons and forecasts are available for your location. We keep a close eye on the LIVE Phuket Weather Radar to see what is the latest situation.

In conclusion or final thoughts – this is important not only for tourists but also locals who want to be prepared.

Planning a vacation to Phuket Thailand

If you are planning a vacation to Phuket Thailand and want to know what the weather Phuket forecast is, tune in and listen to our daily weather Phuket forecast. We will provide essential information about daily and weekly forecasts, including temperature and precipitation so that you can plan accordingly.