Digital Identity

Fingerprints and your Digital Identity

It may seem that in some countries surveillance cameras are everywhere – recording almost our every move.

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We are using fingerprints and facial recognition to get access to our banking, work emails, and even our healthcare systems.

Alongside this rise in use comes a rapid increase in biometric data gathering, spurred on by contact tracing apps during COVID-19.

Where is your Digital Identity Going?

But where is this very personal data going, who is using it, and how?

We bring together a panel of experts to discuss what’s happening now and what’s next for our biometric data – shouldn’t we be the ones in control of our own digital identity?

Dr. Stephanie Hare, author of Technology is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics, Alice Thwaite, founder of the Hattusia consultancy and The Echo Chamber Club a philosophical research institute, and BBC China Editor Howard Zhang are all on the show.

The programme is presented by Gareth Mitchell with expert commentary from Ghislaine Boddington. Studio Manager: Andrew Garratt Producer: Ania Lichtarowicz

(Illustration: A fingerprint scanner is integrated into a printed circuit. Credit: Surasak Suwanmake/Getty Images)

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