Digital earthquake data

Digital earthquake data to aid response

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Northern Syria, how do you collate Digital earthquake data to aid those coordinating the disaster response?

This program is available NOW On Demand on the Digital Planet Page and is available now until Wednesday the 1st of March. It will also be broadcast on Sunday the 16th of February in Phuket on 91.5 FM and 102.5 FM and Online via the Internet radio portals.

Cecilia Utas from DEEP (Data Entry and Exploration Platform) explains how important data is in disaster relief and crisis management.

Amateur Radio helping digital earthquake data

And Aziz Şasa from the Turkish Amateur Radio Association also explains the vital role of amateur radio as a key communication method in the region after the earthquake.

High-altitude communication platforms.

After multiple objects have been shot down in US airspace, Professor David Grace from the University of York is on the show to talk Gareth through these high-altitude communication and surveillance platforms.

The devices serve many purposes and take many different forms, from balloons to airships.

Electricity from human waste In the village of Lelo in South Western Kenya, 21 year old Vincent Odero is harnessing electricity from a surprising source – human waste. Using some wires and wooden poles, he is making enough electricity to power his home.

Wairimu Gitahi went to meet Vincent and see his invention in action.

The programme is presented by Gareth Mitchell with expert commentary from Ghislaine Boddington. Studio Manager: Andrew Garratt Producer: Hannah Fisher

Image: Digital earthquake wave with circle vibration illustration Credit: Varunya/Getty Images

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