Can AI predict Arctic ice loss?

Arctic AI Have you checked the ice-cap forecast?

Melting sea ice might be a well-known symptom of global warming, but how do scientists predict how quickly ice will recede?

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A new Artificial Intelligence tool does a better job than traditional prediction methods to forecast whether sea ice in the arctic will be present two months in advance.

We hear from Tom Andresson, Data Scientist at the BAS AI Lab, who developed the algorithm. VR Cystoscopy Cystoscopy is vital for managing bladder cancer and something that those affected will need to undergo regularly for the rest of their life when their cancer has gone into remission.

However, the process can be very unpleasant which means some people choose not to keep up with their life-saving visits.

Dr Wojciech Krajewski has been studying how using VR goggles to create a more relaxed environment can help patients manage the pain cystoscopy causes.

Immersing patients in an Icelandic waterfall meant patients reported lower pain scores and they tolerated the procedure better. 5G festival Working remotely has been a difficulty for many of us over the past year – but musicians have found it particularly hard, as slow connections make playing together almost impossible.

Over the past two years, Digital Catapult has been developing a way of using 5G networks to solve this problem. They will be running a virtual festival next year to highlight the technology. Claire Jordan visited the trials and reports for Digital Planet.

The programme is presented by Gareth Mitchell with expert commentary from Ghislaine Boddington.

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(Image credit: British Antarctic Survey)

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