Post Songkran Phuket Weather

How was your Songkran, here’s today’s Post Songkran Phuket Weather report, if you are not too soggy!!!

Phuket has had a number of seasonal thunderstorms and some much-needed rain and the outlook for the week are somewhat overcast with daily temperatures in the low to mid 30C and overnight we should be seeing around 25/26C.

These are typical temperatures for mid-April in Phuket and may increase as we move towards May.

Light winds from the East at the moment at around 14km/hr and much the same for Wednesday, with overnight wind direction much the same but maybe a little more pressure.

Post Songkran Phuket Weather

We expecting the winds to swing from the south on Thursday, more on that in our next Phuket Weather update.

The good news is after some cloud and scattered showers the Post Songkran Phuket Weather forecast for the weekend is looking promising with plenty of sunshine. Check back for regular updates.

Today the sunset will be at 16:32 and sunrise on Wednesday at 6:20.

Did you have a great day in the water festivals Sunday/Monday, check out the Phuket Island Radio Songkran picture album and the Facebook Page to see some of the action?

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