Festive Season Weather in Phuket

Festive Season Weather in Phuket

Festive Season Weather in Phuket brings glorious sunshine, lounging beach days, sea breezes, and party vibes. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, Phuket Island will thrive with buzzing streets and banging beats. If you’re planning a holiday around this time, here is what you can expect from the weather in December and January.

Phuket Island enjoys a warm, tropical climate all year round. The tropical monsoonal climate sees two rainy seasons or green seasons as labeled by the locals. In the months of April and May as well as September through October, the monsoonal rains descend upon the land. This

Festive Season Weather in Phuket swinging
Swinging by the sunset

year November still maintained daily periods of rain. Now towards the end of the month, the skies are clearer, the days hotter and the sun brighter. We’re gearing up for the high season in Phuket and December and January are the best times to visit. If you’re planning a trip to Phuket, don’t forget to check out our Phuket People, Places, and What to do page to start planning your holiday.

Festive Season Weather in Phuket – How does it look?

The cool Northeastern monsoon season extends from December through to March and Phuket Island enjoys less humidity, cool sea breezes, and warm, sunny days. Temperatures can average between 24C and 32C (around 75F to 89F).

Following the rains from September through November, the rainfall in December generally drops to bring in more sunny days. The average sea temperature is a warm 28C.

With the amazing weather, Phuket Island thrives in the high season with parties, events, watersports, sailing, and sports. Throughout December and January, Phuket plays host to massive local and international events and festivals including the King’s Cup Regatta and the Phuket International Boat Show. The festive season will see the lights up on Phuket also with Christmas and New Year festivities being celebrated at resorts and venues around the island.

Stay updated on the local Phuket weather and the tides. There’s also a number of videos for your enjoyment.

Christmas Eve in Phuket A Tropical Christmas treat.

There are daily and monthly updates, along with Windguru Phuket charts, Live Phuket Air Quality data, and live wind direction and strength information.