Mid-August update

Phuket Weather – Mid-August update

Mid-August update and weather outlook for Phuket. August has greeted us with bursts of torrential rains, winds from all directions, and the strong sun still finding its way through often dubious-looking clouds. It certainly makes for a very interesting backdrop.

Here is your Phuket Weather – Mid-August update.

Even as I sit here and write about what we can expect for the remainder of the month, I’m enjoying the view outside of trees swaying in the wind, the hot sun pushing through dark clouds and sure enough, it will soon rain again.

I’ve come to realize that no matter what the weatherman (or lady) foretells it to be, nature can make its own way. Despite tales of consistent downpours, the rains have come and gone and the sun can still find its way through. This may be very good news for the holidaymaker who prefers the other benefits of the low season.
Phuket, the ultimate holiday destination, with an abundance of activities both on and off the water is the place so many choose to come to, to enjoy the short week or so they are able to escape the madness of day-to-day life and relax. So the weather is important.

Mid-August update
Typical cloud cover on a mid-August day in Phuket.

On average, Phuket weather in August is still considered monsoon season, or the green season. The general advice is that although a wet month, the rains come in short, sharp bursts, and it’s common to get periods of sun.

As we now come into mid-August, that still rings true. Although, this year we seem to be experiencing slightly above-average rainfall.

During the first week of August, there was one day when it rained constantly. Just the very next day, it rained two or three times, but the sun beamed so strongly in between that the rain was almost a welcome relief from the heat of the day.

What’s in store for the rest of August in Phuket?

The forecast leaves much to be desired. The final two weeks of August are forecast to have around 80% cloud cover on most days with rain and thunderstorms expected almost daily.

Living here, however, I know that there will be periods of rain, sometimes heavy and yes, sometimes thunderstorms. From observation, I also know that a heavy downpour and storm can last around 10 minutes here. After which, it’s common for the sun to show again. The rain can bring a refreshing, cool factor to a hot and humid day.

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