Tim Lamont

Meet Tim Lamont

Tim Lamont is a young scientist making waves.

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Arriving on the Great Barrier Reef after a mass bleaching event, Tim Lamont saw his research plans disappear and was personally devastated by the destruction.

But from that event, he discovered a novel way to restore coral reefs.

Playing the sounds of a healthy coral reef entices fish in to recolonise the wrecked reefs.

Tim’s emotional journey forced him to realise that environmental scientists can no longer just observe.

They need to find new prisms with which to view the world and to intervene to save or protect the natural environment.

Tim Lamont marine biologist at Lancaster Environment Centre.

With research interests in coral reef ecology and restoration. He aims to understand the processes at work on healthy reefs, in order to guide efforts to restore degraded ecosystems. Tim studied has carried out research on coral reefs across the Indo-Pacific region, and completed a PhD in reef bioacoustics at the University of Exeter in 2020. He started his current research fellowship at Lancaster in 2022, funded by the Royal Commission of 1851 and in collaboration with the Mars Coral Reef Restoration Programme.

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