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3-in-1 Super selfie of Kim Kardashian

Queen of selfies with a stunning curvy figure Kim Kardashian has shared another beautiful family picture which unfortunately didn’t make it into her book Selfish, from a family vacation to Thailand.

This reality star always treated her fans with eye-catchy candid shots of her and the Kardashian family members’ which Kim’s gutted because it didn’t make it into her new book “Selfish”.

It’s no more the secret that Kim Kardashian is one of the most stylish and beautiful members in the reality show FAMILY.

But you’ll be shocked to hear that this 34-year-old lady actually gets fashion inspiration from her little sibling who is just 17-year-old.

Kim Kardashian with her sisters
Kim Kardashian with her sisters

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s little inspiration was recently in news for getting temporary lip fillers done.
Alas! Who can forget the recent series of throwback shots ranging from driving Khloe to jail for thieving her little sister’s garments to spending her vacations in Thailand with the youngest of the Kardashian sisters?

Her book might already contain thousands of never-seen-before photographs and selfies but Kim is now considering a limited edition release to be able to include these forgotten pictures.

She recently tweeted that family pictures are so good that they bring back her good memories.This stunning beauty is keen on making another limited edition with these images.

Well-known for her curvy figure went on social media platforms i.e. Instagram and Twitter spree to share several forgotten pictures of her and her loved ones.

This Armenian magnificent is famous for her flawlessly poised selfies. She has even given a few tips in the latest video for T-Mobile.
The stunning wife of the famous rapper Kanye West is presently on vacation in Brazil as she finishes her book tour.

Kim Kardashian commitments.

Unfortunately, press commitments take this devoted lady away from her daughter in the North West on Mother’s Day, celebrated in America in May. But gladly this lady did some enjoyment before the actual day!

She recently said: “I am actually so sad that I am going to be in Brazil for Mother’s Day, so we’re doing something the day before.”

This month of May is a busy month for this curvy figured lady because she gears up to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with her loving husband, the rapper, Kanye West.

Known for their OTT celebrations, the keeping up with the Kardashians celebrity has speculated that the renowned pair will keep their plans low-key.

She said: “I feel like May is a really busy month for us so I think we just want to hang out and relax.”

She further adds that unless her husband Kanye has something planned for them. The pair is rumoured to be trying for a second child.

Well, we wish that this news comes out to be true!

Alas! Will their children be happy to hear this rumour!

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