Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023: Feeling Romantic?

February 14 is Valentine’s Day, And Here We Look At The History And Add Some Tips To Ensure You Have A Happy Valentine’s Day.

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably want to do something special for your loved one. Are you out of ideas for this upcoming Valentine’s Day? DON’T WORRY! We have got you covered.

Get ready to have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Whether you’re planning on celebrating with your significant other, friends, or family, there’s something for everyone. This post will share everything you need to know, from the history to the best way to celebrate it. 

The history of Valentine’s Day

When we first heard decide to promote the occasion, we wanted to look into more than cards and red roses and were pleasantly surprised when we learned of Valentine’s history.

The exact origin of Valentine’s Day is not known, but there are several theories. Some say it began in Ancient Rome when Valentinus was sentenced to death because he fell in love with a woman who was already engaged to someone else. When his execution arrived, Valentinus sent the woman a letter telling her how he felt about her. He also wrote letters to all the other young women and maidens in Rome and signed them from “YOUR VALENTINE”.

Another story credits an early Christian named Valentine, jailed for marrying young couples against their parents’ wishes. While in jail, he befriended the blind daughter of his jailer and restored her sight by giving her a flower. When her father found out, he was so impressed that he converted to Christianity, and Valentine was later executed for spreading his religion.

He eventually became a patron saint of love when the practice of sending handwritten notes or tokens of affection started gaining in popularity.

More recently, the holiday was shifted to February 14 because it’s around that time of year when birds are preening their feathers and mating, “Love Is In The Air”, so to speak. So this day has become a celebration of love in many cultures.

Love and Romance on Valentine’s Day

Love is a word that has often fallen out of people’s vocabulary in the past few years. It has become too free-form to explain what people feel or want to express, but it’s also lost its meaning. The idea of love makes people see red hearts and pink fluffies, which turns them off because they don’t want to look “weird” or whatever.

But have you ever thought about how the word started? Where does it come from, and what was its original meaning?

The history of romance starts somewhere around the 1200s, where love was seen as something more of an emotional state than a sexual desire. It involved caring for someone else more than you cared about yourself, putting their happiness before yours. There were rules for this, though; men had to spend time courting women before they could even consider proposing.

Women spent time with their fathers, who consulted with the man before proposing. If she said yes, the couple was married within a week! This is very different from how weddings are happening now. If one offers today, it might be months or years until you officially get married.

Now, love has turned into something that can be used in any context. It comes out of the mouths of happy children when they’ve found their favourite ice cream flavour or when they want to explain why the sun is shining. Love has become light and easy, which doesn’t have to be taken seriously.

Romance is another word thrown around a lot, and it has also changed its meaning. Before, romance was a feeling that people would feel when they saw or were with someone they loved. It was a heightened state of emotion, the “butterflies in your stomach” feeling. But these days, it means different things to different people.

Romance and a happy Valentine’s Day

Did you know that romance wasn’t always a part of Valentine’s Day? In the Middle Ages, the holiday was mostly celebrated among noble families, and it was considered a religious celebration. People exchanged prayers for health and fertility. However, during the Renaissance, wealthy young men began exchanging small tokens with their beloved to mark the occasion. Eventually, this evolved into giving small gifts, poems, and romantic gestures in the Present Day.

Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, started a trend by wearing a small token on their wedding day to represent their love for each other. The Victorians also took over the holiday, and it became widely celebrated. One of the most famous symbols of love is the red rose. Today, roses are still a popular choice for Valentine’s Day gifts because they symbolize passion and romance!

Of course, many boys, girls, men, and women pass a gift or a romantic card to someone they like by signing or naming the sender, which adds to the romance and mystery of the day.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Today, the primary purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show love and appreciation for those we care about most. While it’s been commercialized into a holiday about buying flowers, chocolates, gifts, and cards, most people worldwide still celebrate this day by simply doing something special with their loved ones.

It seems like every culture has some tradition surrounding love and romance. Still, many countries have banned this holiday at some time in history. This includes a ban from the respective Governments and backlash from the general public in some countries. The Countries where celebrating this holiday or wishing someone a Happy Valentine’s Day was banned at some stage in time include:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • India
  • Iran
  • Russia

Fortunately, that is not the case in Thailand, and the culture here is very caring, and you will find many shops, restaurants, and hotels all getting into the theme to make for a Happy Valentine’s Day.

How did the tradition of exchanging gifts start?

In the United States, it’s been a common practice to give chocolate or candy as gifts on Valentine’s Day. This tradition dates back to the early 1900s when Cadbury started making heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates as a gesture of love for their customers. One out of every eight candy boxes sold in the US is purchased during this time!

Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Now that you know more about its history, it’s time to talk about your plans for this upcoming romantic day. As we mentioned before, there is something for everyone from young couples to friends, old couples, and single people that may not know they have an admirer. It might be a good idea to get your significant other something that represents the romantic gestures you’ve given them throughout your relationship.

Valentine’s Day
Chocolate-covered strawberries
A bouquet of red roses

A classic gift that most people like is chocolate-covered strawberries! These treats are a delicious and decadent way to show your love. Another popular gift to give your loved one is a bouquet of red roses. This symbolizes love and passion, and it’s sure to bring a smile to their face. There are 100’s of florists in Thailand, and many of the markets will have flower sellers.

Another famous Valentine’s Day gift is a soft toy, perhaps a stuffed teddy bear or some other cute, cuddly toy. This is a fun gift for kids, teens, and young couples. It’s also practical because you can use it as decoration to make the house look more festive.

There are also many other gifts you can give on this special day. If your loved one is more traditional, they might prefer something simple like a card or flowers. You can also get creative and give them something personalized, such as a photo frame or perhaps a cup or mug with their name or picture on it.

If money isn’t an issue, you can spoil your significant other with a big-ticket item like jewellery. Again, there are many jewellers in Thailand, and you can quickly get a specially designed and made item. February 14 is a perfect time to gift something luxurious to your loved one. If they’re not sure what gift they’d like to receive, you can get them a gift card or a voucher from their favourite store. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, gift cards are a great way to make someone feel special.

Some traditions to make a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Over the years, many traditions have been created to express various forms of affection on Valentine’s Day. For example, if you’re dating someone special, you might make plans to go out together and spend the whole day with each other. If you’d rather spend time with your friends, you can plan a fun night out or a romantic dinner with just the two of you. If your significant other lives far away, you might send them flowers or even make them a Happy Valentine’s Day card to let them know how much they mean to you.

One last exciting tradition is for singles to celebrate the holiday by attending masquerade balls. They wear a mask to feel more comfortable about their chances of finding love.

How should I celebrate Valentine’s Day?

If you’re in a relationship, celebrating together with your loved one is the best way to make this day special. Try making plans based on what both of you enjoy doing, and then follow through without any distractions and maybe a surprise or two. Even if it means surprising them with a picnic in the park or a candlelight dinner at home, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time.

Or, if your relationship is going through a rough patch, this might be the day to put everything back on track. Show some much-needed love and affection and win them all over again. It might be best not to plan anything if this doesn’t work because sometimes too much togetherness can stress that situation. In this case, spending some time apart is better than spending the day together in an uncomfortable environment. But trust me, no one wants a Happy Valentines Day to be not so happy. And if you’re going to settle things, this is your day!

What Are Some Favourite Valentine’s Day Activities?

Here are just a few of all the different types of things people do for this holiday:

  • Spend time together with your partner/wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/family or friends.
  • Take them out to their favourite restaurant.
  • Send flowers, chocolate, or cards.
  • Ask your valentine to go out on a first date.
  • Spend time with your loved one.
  • Have a romantic dinner at home.
  • Surprise them with breakfast in bed.
  • Watch their favourite movie together.
  • Please give them a gift or a romantic note or both.
  • Celebrate the holiday by attending a masquerade ball.

How do I choose the Perfect Gift to make it a truly Happy Valentine’s Day?

If you’re planning on giving someone a gift, choosing what means something special to your partner can be an excellent way to celebrate. For example, if you’ve been together for a long time, consider gifting them something significant in your relationship. Like your first little gifts to each other or a picture, you took on your first date. And, if you don’t have much money but still want to make it memorable, you can write a romantic note and place it in lovely stationery.

Or print out an online message and put that inside your loved one’s favourite book or under their pillow.

If money is no problem, giving them tickets to their favourite singer’s concert, or going on a vacation together are good choices. Book a weekend away at one of the fantastic Phuket Hotels. Or, how about a romantic dinner at Cosmo Restaurant at The Nai Harn Hotel?

Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day for a truly unique experience watching the dramatic sunset during dinner over the Andaman Sea at The Nai Harn. Listen to romantic sounds, indulge in scrumptious culinary delights and sip on carefully selected wines either at Cosmo Restaurant or under the stars at the Pool desk.
Special guest entertainers from South Africa, Eric Canham and Simthandile Mtolo
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Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day at Cosmo Restaurant or by the pool

Tuesday 14th  February 2023
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Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Menu at the pool
Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine’s menu at Cosmo Restaurant

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If you want something more personal, consider a custom-made Happy Valentine’s Day card or a handmade necklace made with their birthstone.

How about Valentine’s Day and having a Lagoon Picnic at Blue Tree?

Why is it important to show your loved ones you care?

Every time we express our feelings, we strengthen the bond that keeps us happy and healthy in our relationships. Happy couples understand that saying “I LOVE YOU” and spending quality time together lets their love grow, allowing them to feel more connected and have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy relationships are built on a solid foundation of love and communication, and Happy Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to strengthen your bond. Happy couples try to never go to bed angry at each other because that could let negative feelings linger throughout the next day. On the other hand, spending time apart or not saying “I LOVE YOU” for a long time can make your partner feel underappreciated or even neglected.


Valentine’s day is a special day to show your loved ones how much you care about them. It can be celebrated in many different ways. Still, the most important thing is that you make it personal and enjoy something both of you.

Whether you’re spending time with family or friends, taking them out to dinner, or sending flowers and chocolates, there are plenty of ways to make this day memorable. No matter what you do, make sure it shows your partner how much they mean to you!