Kathu Light Railway

Kathu Light Railway nears completion

The Kathu Light Railway project is, at last, starting to near completion.

The main infrastructure is nearly completed and the track is ready to be laid before delivery of the first mini gauge steam train arrives in May 2018.

A Light Railway in Phuket.

Local authorities and dignitaries are said to now be pleased with the progress of the 1.5 km track although Phuket FM Radio news was unable to get a direct comment, one official under the agreement of anonymity said:

This is a wonderful project and whilst we appreciate some of the local neighbours are upset due to the running of the steam train and the extra visitors and traffic congestion it will bring, overall I think it is good for the area and I am looking forward to leaning to drive a train, something I have always wanted to do.

Light Railway runs around the Reservoir.

Kathu Light Railway near dam

Right in the centre of Kathu with easy parking on the local sois and fields, the Light Railway will operate from 8am through to late evening 7 days a week. Though there have been many complaints from local residents in the locality it is believed that the benefits far outweigh the concerns.

Light Railway runs near local house
Level view of the track

The exact start date of operations is as yet not set however we are sure it won’t be April 1st.

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