Patong Bar Strike

Nightclub owner and Phuket businessman Prab Keesin called tonight for a sensible approach to problems in Patong that could be fixed by extending hours rather than a three-day strike by venue owners.

”We should have an agreement with officials to open an extra hour until 3 am to try to make money,”

Khun Prab, son of the late Mayor Pian Keesin, told Phuketwan.

Earlier today, venue owners who preferred to remain anonymous called for nightspots and bars to close on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in protest at demands for extra corrupt payments from a government organization that wasn’t among the 14 or so already accepting graft in Patong. Phuket’s tourists are the ones who always pay for the corruption, but of late numbers for nightlife venues are falling so the idea of paying more graft does not appeal to venue owners.

A strike by the bars would have coincided with the first three days of the Asian Beach Games. 

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