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Phuket – Enjoy Live Music? – here you go

Enjoy Live Music? We do at Phuket Island Radio and 91.5 along with 102.5 FM do whatever we can to promote this.

Yes, it is, with a number of great live music venues now in Phuket and a lot of not only Thai but Philippine musicians on the Island it really is starting to happen.

Of course, there are a lot of clubs with the ability to host many International DJ’s but getting a LIVE big-name singer or band to Phuket is not easy, both financially and logistically. Not forgetting the various charity dinners that have live performances.

Most recently Bodyslam was in Phuket and a sold-out concert (at 300thb a ticket) was a success.

Andy Anderson ran The Phuket International Blues Festival for some years.

enjoy live music
Charlie Musselwhite at Phuket Island Radio Studio

Always a great weekend for everyone to enjoy live music. Phuket Island radio was partners in this weekend for some time.

With International stars such as Eric Bibb, Charlie Musselwhite (pictured) Irish band Grainne Duffy.

Chris Thomas King, KNiKi, Rich Harper are all supported by the locals, Bangkok’s Cannonball.

Phuket’s Groove Doctors, Token, The Rockin’ Angels and still going strong Colin Hill and Jimmy Fame.

Alas, it doesn’t look like it will happen again.

Enjoy Live Music? Here’s a gig.

Saturday, November the 19th  it’s the 7th High Season Lift off party at Serenity Resort and Residences and East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge.

One Night in E-San.

Wait for it, an eight-piece live band and semi-finalists at Thailand’s Got Talent.

Phuket please welcome the band “Por Thai Home”

This will be a fantastic night … Jing, Jing, and tickets include a Pig Roast along with everything you would expect from a quality resort-like Serenity.

And the real good news….tickets are just 500thb including the Pig Roast.

Phuket Island Radio is very excited once again to be part of the 7th High Season Lift-Off Party and will continue to help and support live music in the province.

Step up and do the same, get your tickets from the front office at Serenity Resort and Residences in Rawai or mail your reservation to bookings@east88phuket.com

SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC, Enjoy LIVE Music? See you on the 19th.   

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