Phuket FM Radio Website Goes HTTPS

Phuket FM Radio Website Goes HTTPS

Phuket FM Radio is a popular radio entertainment channel with a huge global fan following, HTTPS integrity is a must in 2017. The Radio channel broadcasts BBC news, latest songs, and provides up to the minute traffic and events information all day around the clock and will entertain you 24/7.

Recently, switching their website from HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) so why have we done this.

Station founder Byron Jones says

The first and most important reason is to ensure we keep our listeners and their interactions with our outlets SECURE, we have a huge database, and as such value these contacts, they are private. Furthermore, we will not nor do we intend to offer other marketing services using this private contact information.

The website Privacy policy is here.

Why Phuket FM Radio Moved to HTTPS?

The website of the radio station is integrated with other social media channels and management daily receives requests across many formats, including LINE, What’s App, direct calls and SMS. Facebook messenger etc; to name just a few.

Definitely, the data present on the website should be secure to ensure the reliability of the channel. Moreover, being a responsible organisation Phuket FM Radio shouldn’t compromise the security of followers’ data, i.e. mobile numbers and text messages. Here are some other valuable reasons behind the switching to HTTPS.

  • Encryption HTTPS offers flawless encryption which means that nobody can access your private data and conversations during browsing while it becomes impossible to track your online activities.
  • Data Integrity Data integrity is another reason of switching to HTTPS. No malicious entity can modify the data during data transfer due to the additional protocol layers. So, nobody can misuse the data from management and listeners.
  • Authentication HTTPS doesn’t allow a third person to disturb communication between the user and the website owner. It makes sure that the user is incommunication with the authentic person via the website.
  • High Ranking Google ranks the websites higher which are secure in browsing and pose no threat to user data. To maintain the position of the website at top search results, Phuket FM Radio decided to migrate at HTTPS.

How HTTPS Secures Phuket FM Radio Website?

HTTPS works on encrypted code and two computers connect on a certain code and transfer data in the form of codes rather sending it directly. The code behaves as encryption and nobody can read the actual meaning of the data. Transport layer Security (TSL) is responsible for sending the code to a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

HTTPS website
Look for the padlock when surfing.

Now, the Phuket FM Radio website is secure and up to the standards of Google. It’s secured against brute-force attacks, hacks, downgrade attacks, and software vulnerabilities.

Moreover, the risks of losing referral data have vanished that rises when you switch from a secure website to an unsecured website. Phuket FM Radio viewers will not face the issue of hotspot ads as HTTPS prevents AT&T from injecting in the website.

Enjoy browsing malicious data free and secure Phuket FM Radio website and thanks to HTTPS!