Trafficking victims moved from Phang Nga

The first wave of human trafficking victims has been moved from Phang Nga, north of Phuket, to Ranong and Songkhla provinces, where they will await deportation. Most of the refugees claimed to have come from Bangladesh, while a few confirmed that they had come from the war-torn Rakhine state in Myanmar.

We had to move 56 of the people we questioned to other provinces, as our facilities here cannot handle the number of refugees we have taken in, Takuapa District Chief Manit Pianthong told the Phuket Gazette yesterday. They will be held at the Southern Welfare and Vocational Training Centers for Women in Ranong and Songkhla until we are able to deport them.

The remaining victims are being held in temporary custody at the Takuapa Community Hall. We are in the evidence-collecting phase right now, said Mr Manit. Phuket gazette.

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