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Christmas and New Year in Thailand

christmas and new year in Thailand
Christmas and New Year in Thailand

Phuket Island in Thailand is a dream holiday destination all year round. The warm and temperate climate ensures visitors return to Phuket regularly. Christmas and New Year tend to be a busy time on the island. There’s a load of activities and events happening that are sure to amuse even the fussiest.

Christmas and New Year in Thailand

Aside from enjoying some of the best beaches in the world, Phuket and Thailand also feature some of the best events and activities both on and off the water. Christmas and New Year preparations commence as the peak season in Phuket kicks off. From the end of November, bars, clubs and resorts start advertising their plans for the festive season. But the best part? Well, you get to spend Christmas and New Year in Thailand in 30-degree weather on a beautiful tropical paradise island. Sounds alright, doesn’t it?

What’s on for the festive season?

The whole of Thailand comes alive with the festive season.

It’s peak season right around the nation, particularly in the south around the islands. Major cities including Bangkok and Chiang Mai Around Thailand, major cities including Bangkok and Chiang Mai will be inundated with events and parties, along with the usual Asian pleasures of street food, buzzing streets, markets and nightlife. In Phuket, a number of resorts, beach clubs and bars will hold special events. The bustling hub of Patong Beach erupts with the bright and magic colours of fireworks from the venues. It’s really a sight to behold. Stay updated on what’s happening with Phuket People and Places.

Let’s not forget the weather and some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, all awaiting you on Phuket Island! What are you waiting for?

The traditional Thai New Year is celebrated on the 13th of April.