Ending your Phuket weekend, The Late Lounge

When Sunday
Start Time 22.00
Finish Time 00.00

The Late Lounge is brought to you by Phuket Island radio and is broadcast on-air throughout Phuket Island in Thailand on 91.5 and 102.5FM and is available with internet streams on the website, and downloadable mobile apps.

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What’s the Late Lounge all about.

We created this format to enable experienced radio presenters and artists to be able to feature their new music in a commercial format. As one of the leading English language radio stations in South East Asia we want to enable those artists to reach perhaps an audience they normally would not be able to get to.

The Late lounge broadcasts on a Sunday evening in Phuket, following our very popular JAZZtastic show Soundtraxx that is hosted by Mark Stanley.

Late Lounge Friends of Phuket Island Radio

So outlining what we are doing and important you understand we would like to stay with the easy listening tempo for a Sunday evening in Phuket, or paradise whichever way you prefer to say it.

The format is NOT Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, Progressive, K-Pop, Religious, Gospel or Political.

You are welcome to contact us at info@phuketfmradio.com if you fit the following criteria.

  • Easy listening format, AC, Country, New Music, R & B, Blues, Soft reggae, Jazz.
  • Absolutely no profanity, political or cultural views.
  • Programmes submitted should have all licensing, PR and copyright agreed with the presenting host.
  • Any advertising or sponsors to be identified before TX.
  • Host/presenter is experienced, (understands the difference between 44.1 hz and 128 Mbps).
  • Submissions will be delivered in a timely manner following the Phuket Island radio set criteria.

Our core objective with Late Lounge is to enable New Music in an organized and structured format, please feel free to contact us.

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