Paul Hayman

Paul Heyman helping talent backstage

The landscape of professional wrestling changed greatly on Tuesday when WWE announced that NXT will be moving to the USA network to go head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling on TNT.

Let’s get into the very latest news in the wrestling industry.


Paul Heyman has vowed Brock Lesnar WILL show up for Wrestlemania



Paul Heyman is now in a position of power on RAW

How Paul Heyman has been helping Cedric Alexander

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cedric Alexander noted how Paul Heyman has helped him become a better performer recently.

“It’s been great working with Paul. He’s really helped me feel more comfortable. He saw a match I had with Bobby Roode months ago on an episode of Main Event and he was a very big fan of it. He’s given me pointers on how to project myself better to fans and small little show business quirks. Because that’s one of the things I’m not 100% comfortable on sometimes, so talking in front of a camera is something that Paul has definitely helped me get more in tune with.”

Kalisto’s WWE deal up in 10 months

Former United States champion Kalisto tweeted that he will be a free agent in 10 months time.

Braun Strowman replied saying “adios” in an almost certainly kayfabe manner. Kalisto once beat Strowman in a Dumpster Match.

Vince McMahon was not present at RAW

For the second week in a row, WWE put out a very good television show but this time Vince McMahon was not there.

Instead, Ryan Satin reports that it was Triple H, Paul Heyman and Kevin Dunn that ran the show.


Triple H and Vince McMahon in the gorilla position



Triple H and Vince McMahon in the gorilla position

WWE moving away from live events?

There is no secret that WWE aren’t making as much money from live events as they used to with attendances way down and superstars have suffered from the grind of them, too.

According to reports, WWE will look to move away from them and only have special shows in certain markets and the SuperShows we have seen in Saudi Arabia, Australia and so on.

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