Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the ultimate dream

A unique look at the most watched annual sporting event in the world the Super Bowl, this year hosted in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Whilst the Super Bowl is the ultimate dream, sometimes that dream becomes a nightmare.

8 long years of slugging it out in the NFL had made Joe Hawley tired both physically and mentally.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s season ended in 2018, Hawley not only made the momentous decision to give up the game, but he also decided to give away all his earthly belongings!

He bought a van and for the next 2 years traveling the country with his appropriately named dog “Freedom”.

Joe tells about that journey, and what finally stopped him from living on the road.

Carter Crosland is a high school football coach from Wickenburg, Arizona, but he’s not just any football coach.

Born without arms or legs he was determined nothing was going to stop him from being involved with the game he loves. He tells us his inspiring story and how he has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to flourish in the world of American Football.

This will be the first time two black quarterbacks will play in the Super Bowl.

We’ll look at the impact of 35 years on Doug Williams becoming the first black quarterback at a Super Bowl.

We’ll preview the Half Time show and find out how it has become such a big event, and look at why companies are prepared to pay $7m for a thirty-second advert during the game and what makes a great Super Bowl advert.

Plus we’ll be exploring the indigenous people of Arizona and the important role that sport plays in their community and how it has served as a bridge between the indigenous community and the rest of Arizona with Arizona on the border of Mexico, immigration is a big issue.

We speak to the first Mexican to play in the NBA. Horacio Llamas played for the Phoenix Suns and in the process broke down barriers. Photo: A freeway billboard advertising Super Bowl LXII in Phoenix, Arizona (Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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