energy crisis

Tackling our energy crisis

Just how do we tackle our energy crisis and balance the growing demand for electricity worldwide with the need to reduce fossil fuel emissions to address climate change? In our second programme on the Earthshot prize Chhavi Sachdev looks at some of the solutions.

From projects looking at providing green hydrogen to industry worldwide and remote communities to village-scale solar electricity networks in Bangladesh and a portable pay as you go powerpack in Nigeria.

Also how to provide a livelihood for people who live in areas where conservation concerns mean they are no longer able to follow their traditional hunting practices.

And we feature solutions for dealing with our wastes in their many forms from cleaning up polluted water to recycling human and agricultural organic waste – including an innovative city-based system for collecting and redistributing food that would otherwise be destroyed.

The Earthshot Prize is an initiative from the Royal Foundation designed to highlight and reward inspiring solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

There are 5 categories with a million-pound prize available in each.

Protect and restore nature. Clean our air. Revive our oceans. Build a waste-free world. Fix our climate.

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Image: Earth at night, Credit: Roydee/Getty Images

This is the second part of this three-part series, in part one Earthshot – ideas and initiatives Chhavi Sachdev looks at the practical work of the prize nominees, and profiles their solutions on a range of subjects; protecting nature, cleaning the air, ocean revival, climate change and waste. The final part 3, Earthshot winners are now available for your reading pleasure.

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