Cybathlon Games

Cybathlon Games – Sunday – BBC Click

Cybathlon Games, The Bionic Olympics, The first Cybathlon Games – an Olympics for bionic athletes – takes place this October in Zurich, Switzerland on the 8th of October.

An international competition The Cybathlon is organized by ETH Zurich for disabled athletes.  This will be the first international professional competition of its kind using,

  • brain-computer interfaces,
  • powered exoskeletons,
  • bionic assistive technology,
  • and brain-computer interfaces.

Cybathlon Games where and when?

Zurich, Switzerland, on 8 October 2016.

Ahead of the Games, BBC Click takes a look at Team Imperial – a team of students and staff from Imperial College London.

Team Imperial proposes to enter into four of the race categories.

  • The arm prosthesis race,
  • The BCI race (Brain-Computer Interfaces),
  • The powered exoskeleton race,
  • The powered wheelchair race.

These first bionic Olympics are a way to bring together experts, students, and users of assistive technologies to forge a unique experience and deliver new technology.

BBC Click talks to Dr. Ian Radcliffe on Sunday morning at 9:30 on 102.5  FM in Phuket.

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Portland’s Challenge: 

Cybathlon Games
Nissan autonomous car at Geneva Motor Show

From the autonomous car to myriad drone startups, Portland is mounting a serious challenge to the ascendance of Silicon Valley.

Alison van Diggelen hears from Skip Newberry, the mercurial President of the Portland Tech Association.

Being There:

Being There is a four-year project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

EPSRC brought together five collaborative teams of researchers from the Universities of Exeter, Bath, Oxford, and Cambridge, and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. Working in collaboration with the Watershed art organization. A diverse range of creative practitioners to produce original work exploring current themes in robotics. Thereby, using state-of-the-art technologies.

One such theme is the sensing of emotion and personality in Human-Robot interaction.

We find out more on Sunday at 9:30 from the BBC Click team.

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