Bangkok officials inspect Phuket Dolphinarium

Department of Fisheries officials from Bangkok examined the hotly contested Phuket Dolphinarium today. Five officers came to inspect the facility and question the owners, Suchart Youngsup, acting chief of the Phuket Fisheries Office told the Phuket Gazette.

A direct connection between five wild-caught dolphins bound for the dolphinarium and the annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins at the Taiji Cove in Japan was later confirmed by Asia Director of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Gary Stokes.

Everything is being taken care of by Bangkok officials. We are just supporting them as necessary.

With renowned dolphin-rights activist Ric O’Barry leading the charge, the debate about Phuket’s dolphinarium has gone international.

If Phuket actually imports dolphins from Taiji, it’s going to be a blemish on tourism in Phuket on an international basis.

Phuket risks great harm to its reputation as an international tourist destination if a dolphin park is allowed to open here, explained dolphin-rights activist Ric O’Barry in an exclusive interview with the Gazette. 

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