98% against Phuket dolphinarium

Tourists led the charge, as an overwhelming majority of the more than 7,000 readers who took part in the recent Phuket Gazette poll voted against opening the island’s controversial dolphin park.

A staggering 4,353 of the 4,435 (98%) of those who identified themselves as Tourists / Visitors to Phuket voted: no “ Phuket should not have a dolphinarium; they are cruel and it has long been known that captivity kills dolphins.

Out of a total of 1,420 votes from Thai Nationals, 1,306 were cast against the project (92%) and 114 (8%) for it. Local expatriates were marginally more opposed to the Nemo Dolphinarium with 95% of respondents voting against the park and 5% for it. phuketgazette.com