Electric Police

Electric Police and ATV Patrols for Beaches

Electric Police and Phuket get ATV Police Patrols for Beaches.

The ATVs are to be funded by the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation – along with 29 million baht for more security cameras around the island and an extra 32 million baht for 80 powerful light stands to illuminate the dark area at beaches and at crash blackspots on Phuket’s roads.

The new ATV and bicycles concept for patrolling the beaches would be launched on November 11, he said.

”Officers in those patrols will become skilled in rescue work and resuscitation too,” he said.

As part of its big spend, the PPAO would add 70 security cameras in Patong, and 19 each in Karon and Phuket City.

Thai Electric Police

Thai police took delivery of a whole fleet of Tesla Model 3 electric cars who turned them into police patrol cars.

The Model 3 Standard Range Plus version that they bought is a little more expensive than their usual Dodge Charger at ~$41,000, but they expect gas savings of about $6,000 per year, which means that the Model 3 will almost pay for itself over its lifetime (they expect six years as a police vehicle).

Now the Thai police also see the advantage of going electric with the Tesla Model 3.

According to documents first reported by Blink Drive, the Thai police bought a fleet of 7 Model 3 vehicles and turned them into patrol vehicles. More on this story can be seen here.

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