Weddings with Adam Beyer with his wife Ida

Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg

It’s a special show this week Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg, recorded live under the infamous roar of incoming jet planes at legendary Ibiza venue DC10.

In the mix with Swedish minimal-tech star Ida Engberg, Beyer drop an hours worth of throbbing, deep, sweet and sultry cuts including music from everyones favourite Nigerian producer, and long-time Carl Coxs’ protege Nicole Moudaber.

Out now on Truesoul Records, ‘Somewhere In Our Minds’ continues her reign across all things techno, tweaking the tension and adding the bass in bit by shivering bit, driving the dance floor deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of her production mind.

Also in the mix and released last month is Joseph Capriati’s remix of Danny Tenaglia’s classic cut ‘Dibiz’; the superb ROD Remix of Josh Winks’ ‘Are You There’, complete with that hypnotic repetition, clapping synth stabs and chugging percussion that makes it a perfect DC10 anthem; and the little known but exquisite VidaLoca&Piem mashup of Luciano X Charles Ramirez X John Creamer X Stephane K ‘The Pianist Forgets The Origins’.

Add in Muon by PAWSA, Bottoms Up from upcoming German Emanual Satie’s ‘Free At Last’ EP and the Black Kat remix of ‘Rush’ by Gaga and it’s another fine outing from Beyer guaranteed to have to nod your head in satisfaction, if not booking yourself on the first flight out to the White Isle.

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Adam Beyer is the partner of fellow Swedish DJ Ida Engberg with whom he has three daughters.

Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg on Phuket Island Radio.

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Here’s the full playlist of this week show:

Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg live from Paradise at DC10, Ibiza

01. wAFF – Shabby – Hot Creations
02. Emanuel Satie – Bottoms Up – Get Physical 03. PAWSA – Muon – Lost Records 04. Kevin Over – Blue Ox – Leena Music 05. Josh Wink – Are You There [ROD remix] – Ovum Music 06. Nicole Moudaber – Somewhere In Our Minds – Truesoul 07. Lando – Onwards Upwards – Ultramajic 08. Danny Tenaglia – DIbiza [Joseph Capriati remix] – Stereo Productions 09. MID++ – Synth, Owls and Toucans [RS Edit] 10. Nick Curly – Sleeping Dogs – Truesoul 11. Taty Munoz – Hands Off – Be One 12. Luciano x Charles Ramirez x John Creamer & Stephane K – The Pianist Forget The Origins [Vidaloca & Piem Mashup] 13. Gaga – Rush [Agent Orange Remix] – Black Kat
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