Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold International DJ

Paul Oakenfold International DJ is one of the most celebrated record producers and trance DJs of our time. Phuket Island Radio is delighted to have Paul as one of our International DJ’s in our weekly show schedule.

With a career spanning 35 years, it is no wonder that he has been voted No 1 DJ in the world twice.

Paul Oakenfold International DJ took the honors in 1998 and 1999 as No 1 DJ in the world voted by DJ Magazine.

Paul Oakenfold International DJ career

Paul Oakenfold jump-started his early career as a bedroom DJ taking part in podcast interviews. His early career saw Paul making a name for himself in New York City and London.

He rose to fame as a record producer during his time in Harlem, while working for Champion Records becoming a promoter and British agent for famous hip hop acts the Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C.

Paul Oakenfold traveled to Ibiza in 1987 to celebrate his birthday, and what came next truly is history.

After being exposed to the Ibiza party scene, Paul Oakenfold International DJ returned to England and convinced a club owner to let him host an after-hours party tagged Ibiza Reunion.

His acid house style wowed the dance floor, and the parties Paul Oakenfold played at grew into some of the biggest acid house dance parties of all time. His popularity, and the need for a bigger venue, sparked the opening of Heaven Club.

Planet perfecto logo Paul Oakenfold International DJ

Here, Paul Oakenfold began letting other DJs showcase their work, giving him the free time needed to start his label, Perfecto Records

Over the years, Paul Oakenfold has played in nightclubs, at festivals and on various tours.

Due to his Perfecto remixes, Paul Oakenfold International DJ continued to rise to fame.

His catchy, unique remixes made him one of the most sought after record producers and DJs in the world.

Into the USA Paul Oakenfold International DJ

In 1999, Paul Oakenfold moved to the United States.

He toured extensively, and his fame in America was sealed at Fresno, California’s Cyberfest in July 2000.

Playing to the crowd Paul Oakenfold International DJ

It has been estimated that Paul Oakenfold International DJ inspired 80,000 people to dance that day. Cyberfest 2000 inspired other major dance events in the area, as dance music became a staple on the American music scene.

Paul Oakenfold is an inspiring musical pioneer.

He produces lush beats and his influential mixes for some of the world’s top artists such as Madonna, The Cure and Underworld have sealed his fate as the top DJ and record producer in the world.

Since 2015, Paul Oakenfold International DJ has headed the department of DJs, EDM vocalists and producers at Isina, which is a worldwide talent search and development mentorship program for up and coming artists.

Paul Oakenfold International DJ is truly the master of his craft and Phuket Island Radio are delighted to have him on board with his weekly Friday night show Planet Perfecto and that he has visited us here in Phuket while playing at Xana Beach Club.

There’s more to read about Paul on his bio page here.