BIS Phuket Golf Academy

The road to golf development begins here with the BIS Phuket Golf Academy

With our highly experienced academy coach, Mr Oliver Bates, the golf program will create the full golfing experience to prepare students for higher levels of play, aiming to develop an elite group that will pursue tournament play and represent the school in competitions.

The program will integrate the complete range of golfing skills for all levels, from primary school to senior school and elite golfers. Strong emphasis will be placed on developing talent at a young age through golf skills, fitness and mental training with individualized development programs.

We also believe it is vital for students to develop their character and life skills through our professional Academy programme. Many great experiences and new skills will be learnt through a fun, competitive and professional environment.

Students attending the BISP Academy will have the opportunity to take their game to amazing heights and beginners will learn all the skills required to develop and progress to the next level. Our progressive learning system will benefit all ages and abilities and constant on-course instruction and competition will help students set high standards and goals.

Students will progress within a group training environment, although our specialized coach will develop individualized development plans for each student to improve their game and skills. Parents will be kept up to date on each student progress.

As a school offering world-class opportunities, we know how important each student experience, personality and diverse culture is in developing golfers skills and we are committed to creating the right programme to help each student reach their potential.

For more information on the BISP Golf Academy, contact: Jeff Lamantia: