English Football Association

This week we speak to footballer Niamh McKevitt who forced the English Football Association to change their rules to compete with boys at an older age.

I’ll never forget finding out the rules had changed.

I was walking home from school when I got a text from my Dad telling me what had happened. He said,

“You need to decide – Derby County or Millhouses?”

We examine how this has benefited the women’s game and assess the personal cost to Niamh of forcing this change through.

Rally of Lebanon

We are in Lebanon, where the Rally of Lebanon is taking place, despite civil unrest and threats from an overspill of the conflict in Syria. We speak to drivers, organisers and spectators about the country’s love for this form of motorsport.

Also, in this week’s programme Jennifer Schneider, North America’s only female human cannonball, reveals the secrets to a successful shoot.

When you think of sport, you don’t immediately think of human cannonballs, but we learn about the importance of gymnastic skills in this most dangerous of activities.

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English Football Association

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