Top Music Videos Of The Week

Top Music Videos Of The Week

The Top Music Videos and latest music video releases from around the world including interviews, Frankie Cosmos, Anohni, Drake, live performances, festival and awards coverage. A perfect combination of video and music.

Including LIVE on Saturday the UK Top 40 direct from the BBC in London.

New Music Videos from some of the biggest artists in the world debuted this week. Beyonce unveiled “Hold Up” over the weekend. DJ Khaled released an 8-minute video for “Nas Album Done” featuring none other than Nas. KING has already released one of the more impressive albums of the year so far, and this week they revealed the serene video for “Native Land”.

Slayer unveiled the incredibly violent video for “Pride and Prejudice”, which is certainly Not Safe For Work. Against Me! delivered the video for “333” the first single off their forthcoming record Shape Shift with Me. Pixies will be releasing their new album Head Carrier at the end of this month and this week released the video for “Tenement Song”. And that was only the beginning of a week filled with splendid new music videos.

Top Music Videos Of The Week

Here are the favorites:

Sia – “The Greatest” – Directed by Sia and Daniel Askill

Maddie Ziegler once again appeared in a Sia music video, but “The Greatest” has far more meaning than just another whimsical dance performance by the budding star. The video pays tribute to the 49 lives lost at the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Frankie Cosmos – “Young” – Directed by Eliza Doyle

The video for Frankie Cosmos’ “Young” is simple and straightforward, just two women and a little girl performing the song. But like the track itself, it’s the simplicity that makes it so fun yet cutting.

Cass McCombs – “Opposite House” [ft. Angel Olsen] – Directed by Jonny Look

The videos released over the last few months featuring Angel Olsen have been some of our favorites. However, neither she nor Cass McCombs is the star of “Opposite House”. Instead, two individuals and their teapot tricks take center stage.

Anohni – Crisis


A press release for the video for “Crisis” explains, “ANOHNI wrestles with her complicity as an American citizen and taxpayer and in relation to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. “Crisis” is her version of America’s un-issued Chilcot report. The lyrics of “Crisis” inventory some of the ways in which the U.S. has exacerbated and helped to provoke the current global “Crisis”.”

Drake – “Childs Play” – Directed by Spiff TV

The 12-minute short film for Drake’s “Childs Play” features Tyra Banks shoving cake in his face and pouring wine over his head. I believe we’ve said enough.

Full article credit to — The ARTIST direct Staff 09.09.16

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