Covid Booster

A 4th Covid booster

Brand new results of a 4th Covid booster trial, with a mix and match approach including half doses, reveal good news for global vaccine rollout.

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BBC Health and Science correspondent James Gallagher explain this 4th Covid booster trial.

Plus evidence from Ohio where Professor Ihuoma Eneli’s new paper shows how weight gain increased markedly in low-income US children and teenagers during early Covid-19.

Dreams, is there a science?

And the science of dreams, Claudia Hammond speaks to Brazilian neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro about his new wide-ranging book The Oracle of Night. The History and Science of Dreaming, his fifth book (released in English on August 17, 2021), and a contributor for Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil´s largest newspaper

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Erika Wright

(Picture: A patient who has received a fourth Covid-19 vaccination in Rieti, Italy. Photo credit: Riccardo Fabi/NurPhoto/Getty Images.)

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Covid immunity could be poor after Omicron

New research reveals a poor covid immunity boost after infection with the Omicron variant.

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