Covid 19 in Hong Kong

Covid 19 in Hong Kong what to do?

What is to be done Covid 19 in Hong Kong facing the highest death rates in the world while Worldwide the number of new Covid-19 infection cases jumps by 10%.

Tabitha Mwangi, Programme Manager at Cambridge Africa at Cambridge University, gives us a rundown of how that overall increase is playing out in different parts of the world.

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Hong Kong had been one of the most successful places at controlling Covid-19 but recently faced the highest death rates in the world.

What went wrong? Covid 19 in Hong Kong.

We hear from Vivian Wong, a public health advisor and honorary professor of Chinese Medicine at the University of Hong Kong.

And how are Covid 19 in Hong Kong pandemic restrictions impacting people’s mental wellbeing? Christian Chan, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong and a warden at a student residence share his thoughts.

Also, do you think you’re more likely to catch Covid-19 from a friend or a stranger?

Ashley Whillans, a social psychologist at Harvard Business School in the US, tells us what happened when she asked people this very question.

Claudia Hammond presents the BBC Health Check programme every week. Producer: Samara Linton

(Picture: A worker cleans an area of Hong Kong International Airport on 21 March 2022 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo credit: Dale de la Rey/AFP/Getty

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