The View From Friendship Beach

Detox Diary after 3 days

Catching up with my Detox Diary having checked into Friendship Beach on Friday evening.

Saturday starts at 7am and today it is the Eat Well program to ease myself into the Ultra Cleanse starting Monday.

Eat Well consist of juices and fruit and healthy foods and is all about the preparation of your body ready for the rest of the week.

At Atmanjai there is a full program each day whichever program/s you choose.

Detox Diary and Green Smoothie
A green smoothie with a sensational view.

Guests are arriving and departing from literally all over the world.

Saturday consisted of Brits living in Hong Kong, a married couple just arrived from Kenya, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand all catered for by the excellent team headed by Izzy and K Tang.

First off on Saturday there is a staff welcome, blood pressures and weights are taken and then it’s off to the first of daily Yoga sessions. Yoga for girls right? Er no, I realized by 8:30 how unfit I was.

Through the day there were various Juices and Smoothies to have, and a one to one discussion with a therapist to discuss personal objectives. The first Colema today which wasn’t at all a bother after expert tuition from the staff.

Saturday evening consisted of a quiet one sat by the pool and into bed at 9pm.

Detox Diary Sunday.

Sunday arrives and it’s juices all day.

The Atmanjai Cat is part of my Detox Diary
Som Wang ” All dreams come true” relaxes on Sunday, at Atmanjai

Yoga, Massage, the second Colema and session on an Ultasonic Zapper, detox supplements and the first Psyllium Shake and Apple Cider Vinegar with a little honey, into bed at 9pm with a Probiotic and another great night’s sleep.

Monday arrives.

Straight into the Ultra Cleanse with two Colemas planned for today, Yoga, Ion Cleanse, a progress assessment with K Tang and lots of detox supplements and five Psyllium Shakes. My third massage and today probably one of the best head and shoulders massages I have experienced, I also attended a Raw Food cooking class, me cooking whatever next, this class was held with the resident Chef Charlie and was excellent.

Very tired on Monday and feeling not so hungry, dinner consisted of a rather nice broth.

I will update the Detox Diary and my Diary of Detox later in the week, if you missed the opening post please visit it here.

Please note that Friendship Beach and Atmanjai are Show sponsors of the Tuesday and Thursday Sunset Sounds Show