Final Day Congratulations at Atmanjai

Final Day Diary of a Detox

The Final Day of my seven day detox arrives.

This is the best Friday for a long time, Yoga at 7:30 and supplements at 9am, along with choosing the lunch and dinner treats..

The last of 10 Colema’s and a fruit smoothie at 11am.

1PM arrives and Khun Urs and I sit down with two ladies we had met from Hong Kong, Lucy and her mum Linda. We had decided earlier that we would all order a different dish and then share it.

Final Day Diary of a Detox
Raw all the way, Lasagna, Pad Thai, Spaghetti, and a Mango and Avocado salad.

Pictured left are two of the dishes, Lasagna and Pad Thai, yummy.

After lunch it was time for a final consultation with John and then coconut juice at 3pm with supplements.

Dinner was already ordered for 6pm so time for some ‘ME’ time to reflect on the week.

Out for a haircut and then despite the glorious afternoon did not give in to the temptation for a swim. Why not I am not sure because the pool at Friendship Beach is very nice.

Final Day Summary

Once again taking a week out was worth every second, some may say what are the benefits or why do it in the first place.

Well, that question would be up to the individual obviously, did I do  this to loose weight NO, did I loose weight yet.

On the Final Day, How do I feel? Better than I have for the last four years.

Thank You Atmanjai Team.

Atmanjai for me excels when it comes to staff. Attentiveness, care and consideration is second to none. I believe there are a total of 16 employed full-time and everyone and really mean everyone was polite, thoughtful and fully customer focused, there was no hard sell for additional treatments or to purchase anything.

Final Day thank you’s were said and staff were clearly pleased how well I was now looking and feeling.

Final Day Diary of a Detox
Part of the fantastic team at Atmanjai from L to R Orm, Oil, Took, Tang and Mayza

Khun Tang (pictured 2nd from right) with her always happy, smiling fun approach and all her team are a credit to the whole operation.

Every part of Atmanjai is clean, tidy and organised and seems to work like clockwork, with new client arrivals, walk in’s for daily treatments, and clients departing each day.

Literally nothing appears to be too much trouble.

Atmanjai is easily accessible and forms part of Friendship Beach Resort.

Friendship Beach is a resort right on the beach at Rawai and whilst a little old in the fixtures and fittings is very clean and well kept.

Again the staff are very pleasant, everyone say hello from the gardener to room service to the Executive Chef.

Thank you to everyone for taking such good care of me.

You can read my full Diary of a Detox from my first post here and then the first three days here followed as I finish the Ultra Cleanse here

You can catch Stevie Kay and Sunset Sounds Monday to Friday from 4-8 pm, Sunset Sounds Show is sponsored on a Tuesday and Thursday by Friendship Beach and Atmanjai.