Sunset Sounds was presented by Stevie Kay.

Sunset Sounds with Stevie Kay, was a smash hit show from day one. Monday to Friday on Phuket Island Radio Stevie looked after the drive home.

Stevie Kay was always destined for a career in the music business. We hope he is safe and staying well under these very challenging conditions.

He sang a song before he could even walk. Although, it wasn’t until his late teens though that he realized the path he would take would lead him into the world of the DJ. As with most of his peers, Stevie plied his trade, cutting his teeth as a mobile DJ, weddings, birthdays, anniversary’s, you name it, he’s covered it.

Shortly after moving to the Midlands in the UK he received a call from a friend with an offer to go and work on the European circuit, which he grabbed immediately. His first gig was in Nice on the stunning Cote d’ Azur.

This is when Stevie Kay first dabbled in radio, working on various stations across the Riviera.

Stevie Kay Radio Life.

By now it was becoming apparent that radio was going to play a big part in Stevie’s life. He did however have a spell away from radio when he returned to the UK for a few years in the mid eighties, when he returned to his club DJ roots.

Eventually he would return to the small seaside town of Morecambe in England’s northwest. Back to where it all began. It was during this time Stevie had a phone call from an old friend who was an artiste agent in London, asking him if he would consider a position at radio one.

Stevie thought he’d finally hit the jackpot.

Could it really be radio one? The BBC?

Stevie Kay at work

Well no, it turned out to be radio one Lebanon! After getting over the initial shock, Stevie decided to investigate further and consulted with friends in the business who had visited the Middle Eastern country in it’s heyday.

After a lot of soul searching he finally took the plunge and boarded a flight to Beirut, to where he became the first British presenter to take up a full time position on an FM station. Soon after, Stevie was presenting the drive time show, which rapidly became the country’s top rated national radio show.

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