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Send Me On Vacation starts in Phuket

Send me on Vacation Charity launches Worldwide Survivor Tour in Phuket. 

Send Me On Vacation, the US-based Charity dedicated to creating memorable vacation experiences for breast cancer sufferers and survivors has expanded its program globally and will be kicking off with a 7-month Worldwide Survivor Tour starting April, with Phuket, Thailand its first destination.

Phuket Island radio was delighted to receive this news and as part of its Community notifications is “spreading the word” about this exciting development. You can find out more by visiting the links here and below.

Send Me on Vacation destinations

The Send Me on Vacation Worldwide Survivor Tour will visit Tokyo, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand – attending Bangkok’s World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit, followed in June with visits to the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and the USA – with a stop off at the World Survivors’ Alliance Conference in Nashville, Tennessee and ending in October with visits to France, England, Spain and finally Italy. The tour aims to educate, build awareness, drive donations and provide information to survivors on unique demographic and cultural distinctions as the Charity researches treatment and connects survivors around the world, awarding them with healing and restorative vacations to offset the adverse effects of the disease.

Over the next decade, we can expect over 17.5 million patients to contract breast cancer, 5 million of these will not survive, and 3.6 million will be in low and middle-income countries.

The tour is supported by some of the world’s leading Travel Industry brands with big philanthropic hearts, including Delta Airlines, Snazzy Traveler, 180º Wellness, and the Absolute World Group, collaborating to facilitate the Send Me On Vacation World Survivor Tour, by providing accommodations and supporting the tour’s travel needs.

Widely regarded as a unique charitable organization, Send Me On Vacation creates positive change and provides ongoing therapy and resources during and after each vacation. These vacations and empowerment workshops help survivors cope with the many issues and concerns they confront when treatment has ended. Send Me On Vacation is a valuable resource for breast cancer survivors, providing the tools to increase emotional fitness and wellbeing, and adjust to a new way of life.

“Receiving the award of a Vacation from Send Me On Vacation and attending their program changed my life and the effect that fighting breast cancer had on my family,” 

says Heidi Lamprecht, breast cancer Survivor, and Mother of two.

“I knew my level of emotional fitness had been depleted during my battle and I never imagined that I could find an organisation like Send Me On Vacation to restore my inner beauty, strength and grace. I want to share this amazing charity with the world!”

Heidi will be blogging as the Tour journeys around the world.
There are many ways to support the mission of Send Me On Vacation through donations, sponsorships, and love.

For more information as to how you can get involved please visit or donate at  Follow the tour once underway on

Send Me On Vacation is a US-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides financially disadvantaged breast cancer survivors with the opportunity to initiate the process of emotional healing through a vacation experience. Send Me On Vacation empowers survivors to reconnect with themselves on a rejuvenating vacation, which has been proven to have a profound effect on survivors, helping them rebuild their lives after or during treatment, where possible. Send Me On Vacation trips are designed to strengthen the body, stimulate the mind and heal the spirit, creating a transformative journey into health and wellness.

Who’s involved in Phuket?

Send Me On Vacation supported by Absolute World

Founded in 1998, the Absolute World Group is one of Asia’s leading mixed-use Resort operators, Destination Club, and Fractional Ownership companies. Committed to delivering memorable vacation opportunities that connect the community to the traveler, the Absolute World Group has a strong commitment to wellbeing, ensuring guests holiday with a mindful approach to their health through a number of dedicated wellness programs under their 180º Wellness concept. This approach extends to their global-based teams with their staff wellness initiatives and philanthropic work being recognized with an international CSR Award in 2015.

This approach extends to their global-based teams with their staff wellness initiatives and philanthropic work being recognized with an international CSR Award in 2015.

Snazzy Traveller

Named in the Inc500 as America’s fastest-growing Travel Company, Snazzy Traveler is a vacation and travel website that offers a broad range of price points at a fraction of market rates.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines launched in 1924 and has grown into one of the world’s largest global airlines, helping more than 180 million travelers get to the places they want to go to each year. In 2017, Delta was named as Fortune’s top 50 Most Admired Companies in addition to being named the most admired airline for the sixth time in seven years. The airline is committed to business practices that minimize the environmental impacts of Delta operations and promote the health, welfare, and productivity of the individuals and communities they employ and serve.

Cathy Backus
Send Me On Vacation Founder
+1 702 277 3812

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