Amatara Resort & Wellness

Amatara Resort & Wellness

A new name as management announces “we are pleased to announce that Amatara Resort & Wellness has assumed management of newly named Amatara Resort & Wellness, formerly Regent Phuket Cape Panwa from October 7, 2015.

There is no change of management team and the quality of service and facilities remain the same.

Additionally, in the coming month’s spa facilities will include the world’s 1st Thai Hamam, the combination of Thai and Turkish Hamam treatment, Salt Relaxation Room for asthma and allergies, and the Rhassoul clay for improvement of the health and vitality of the body and skin.

In ancient Sanskrit, “Amata” refers to the quality of “immortality”, or endlessness that withstands the passage of time.

Amatara Resort & wellness has a number of wellness programs and full details can be found at the website.

Theres nothing quite as special as the first time, Miracle of Amatara is the ideal retreat for you. Looking for flexibility and a wide variety of choices? Miracle of Amatara allows you to experience the whole wellness cycle, enable you to choose the treatments that will best benefit your stay.

With a Philosophy of Endless Moments, Unforgettable Experiences at Amatara, the Amatara experience is one of total wellness.

Seek comfort at Phuket’s luxurious wellness sanctuary and indulge in our holistic wellness programs which promote good health and well-being.

The first and only luxury destination spa in Phuket, Amatara offers an all-inclusive program inclusive of accommodation, organic and nutritional food, along with personalized wellness and leisure activities that are not age or gender-specific.

Find out more about this exciting change and visit Amatara Resort & wellness online and see for yourself.