Asthma and covid, is it worse for sufferers?

Wheezing and feeling breathless is a fact of life for the 262 million people around the world who have asthma.

Some worry that exercise will worsen their asthma symptoms. But UK researchers say that evidence shows that all people with asthma can exercise safely – even if that’s just walking across a room.

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As Omicron spreads across the US, Claudia Hammond is joined by Professor Matt Fox from Boston University to discuss the latest Covid-19 news, including President Biden’s pledge to make high-quality masks available across the country.

Lung specialist Andrew Wilson says that the risks are low as long as the symptoms are controlled with medication.

Health psychologist Leanne Tyson recommends setting small goals and regular rewards to help keep up the habit.

An Asthma patient in his 50’s

Asthma patient Bill Day, who’s in his 50s, says now that his asthma is under control, he can swim two miles a day to keep fit and healthy.

Yellow and green boxes on social media feeds mean that your friends have been sucked into the world of Wordle, the increasingly popular free online word game.

Guessing a new five-letter word every day sounds simple, but Catherine Loveday, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Westminster, explains just how much work the brain does to help solve the puzzle.

Presenter: Claudia Hammond Producer: Paula McGrath and Samara Linton

(Picture Credit: A young jogger using an asthma inhaler on the beach. Photo credit: Westend61/Getty Images.)

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