Planet Perfecto Paul Oakenfold Show 508

Planet Perfecto Paul Oakenfold Show 508

Welcome to Planet Perfecto Paul Oakenfold Show 508 once again a packed show. 

This weeks Tracklist: 

Paul Sawyer – Xenophon [Perfecto Black]

Kamilo Sanclemente & Dabeat – Tremble [Perfecto Black]

This is Paul’s new release this week and a ‘must get’ track. Paul Oakenfold x Luis Fonsi – The World Can Wait (blklght Mix) [Perfecto]      

Donna-Marie (NZ) – Falling [Perfecto Black]

Gordey Tsukanov – The Clutch [Perfecto]The Perfecto Classic:  HHC – We’re Not Alone

Perfectomundo Moment:  ORAW – Riser [Perfecto Fluoro]    

Rysto & Dave Steward – The Void [Perfecto Fluoro]

Magnus – Sinelock 2019 [Perfecto Fluoro] 

Modgen – Genomics Core [Perfecto Fluoro] 

Rafael Osmo – Tweaky [Perfecto]

Roger Shah & Genie O’Malley – Touch The Feelz (Uplifting Mix) [Magic Island Elevate]

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